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L&T Technology Services Interview Experience for Associate Engineer Profile | On-Campus 2021

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Hello Everyone, I am sharing my virtual interview experience with L&T Technology Services. It was a completely new and different experience as compared to face-to-face interviews.

The interview process consists of 3 Rounds as follows:

Round 1(Online Test): Online test was conducted on the CoCubes platform. The level of the assessment was easy to mediocre according to my preparation. I practiced a lot of mock assessments before giving the actual assessment. It was a total of 90 minutes test.

The assessment includes sections such as:

  • Aptitude – Quant, Logical
  • English – Comprehensions, Prepositions, Jumbled sentences
  • Technical – Pseudocodes, and other data structure related questions

Round 2(Technical Interview): The interview went quite smoothly as the interviewer was interactive and also comforting when I felt agitation. I was well prepared for this round as I prepared myself to cover every edge. The platform used for the interview was Microsoft Teams. This round went on for around 40 minutes.

Some interview questions I remember are:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Explain projects and questions related to the projects.
  • Explain Function Overloading and its implementation in the preferred language.
  • Explain Joins in DBMS.
  • Brief about OOPS concept.

Discussion on projects took most of the time as he was interested in knowing every phase of it. So, I recommend having a good understanding of the project modules. Be prepared for questions based on your resume data so it’s good to take an overview of your resume before the interview.

Round 3(HR Interview): The interview was delayed by 20 minutes as the interviews for the previous candidates were still going on. The interviewer tried to puzzle me with questions but I was clear enough to answer them all confidently. The platform used for the interview was Microsoft Teams. This round went on for around 35 minutes.

Some questions asked by the interviewer:

  • Introduction.
  • Brief Project Explanation.
  • Tell 5 interpersonal skills of mine.
  • Counter questions based on interpersonal skills.
  • About my achievements and extracurricular activities.
  • Situation based questions where they evaluate your logical ability.
  • Are you comfortable with relocation?

These are some standard questions asked by almost every interviewer. The approach to answer situation-based questions should be stepwise and not very lengthy. It’s preferred to say “YES” for relocation as the company wants an employee who can shift easily for work.

Hope my experience will help you crack the interviews…????

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Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2021
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