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Accenture Interview Experience for ASE Intern

Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2023
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This was an Off Campus Opportunity

Online test

Before selecting for an interview there was an online exam that consists of seven sections English Ability, Critical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Abstract Reasoning, Common Applications and MS Office, Pseudo Code, Fundamentals of Networking, Security, and Cloud, Coding round.

After the online Assessment if you get shortlisted you will get a link for the Virtual Interview.

Technical + HR Interview(30-40 mins)

  • Give an Interview about yourself
  • Tell me about any project you have done
  • which technologies you used for the project
  • what are the challenges you faced during the project and how you faced it
  • what are the challenges you faced working as a team and how you faced it
  • which is the subject you didn’t like most and what actions you took for studying it
  • did you ever think of starting a business if you did explain about it
  • have you formed any community in your college or in any online platform if you did explain about it

The Interview went very smoothly mostly it will be like a HR interview. Just stay calm and give the interview confidently.

After 2-3 weeks got a mail that you have selected.

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