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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 22 (On-Campus for Oracle Financial Services Software)

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Written round: There were questions related to quantitative,logical and verbal.(Not of very high level,but speed should be good enough).

Technical PI:
1. C:Basic topics of C.Malloc and Clloc difference.Storage classes.Let us C is enough .
2. C++/Java: OOPs concept with real life examples,Collection in Java,Constructors etc . Site i referred: JAVATPOINT
3. DBMS: Explain normalization with the help of examples,ACID properties,Triggers,SQL queries.
4. Project related questions.
5. Puzzles from programmer

DBMS and JAVA concepts should be clear.

HR Round:
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Which activities are you involved in other than academics?
3. How many companies have you tried before and how many rounds cleared?
4. What you did in internship and how much they paid you?
5. Strengths and weaknesses.
6. Any questions you have.

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Last Updated : 05 Feb, 2016
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