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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 20 (On-Campus for Oracle Financial Services Software)

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OFSS visited our campus for recruiting associate application developer .

There were 3 rounds in all
1) online test
2) technical interview
3) HR interview

1) Online Test
    The test broadly consisted of 4 sections
    – Coding outputs (mainly trees, AVL trees)
    – English (Grammar,RC)
    – Computer Science subjects (DBMS,OS,DS)
    – Aptitude

The test lasted for 2 hours. The key here is managing time. Questions were of average level but time was not sufficient .

I was shortlisted for 2nd interview .

2) Technical interview

    The interviewer was very friendly . He started by “tell me about yourself” . He then asked me
    – Normalization in DBMS with examples
    – Different sorting algorithms and their implementation in real life.
    – Doubly linked list with real time examples.
   – Minor project
    – Internship
    – Difference between UNION and UNION ALL
    – Difference between UNION and JOIN
   – Different types of JOIN with examples.

He was impressed with my minor project and internship .
He also concentrated on communication skills and confidence.

3) HR interview

       Very general questions. Strength and weakness. Asked about location preference .

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Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2015
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