Orange Business Services Interview Experience | On-Campus 2019

Round 1 (Written Test) : Written Test of 45 min having 25 Mcqs related to Ds & Algo, Software Management, Web Technologies, OS, DBMS, Networking and Cyber Security.

Round 2 (Tech Round):  Initially they started from core subjects like OS, Dbms, Cloud Computing, Networking . Further they moved on asking practical applications of networking related concepts.

Some situational based ques were also asked . After that, they moved on my projects and had deep discussion on them .

Asked ques related to binary calculations and some diff prog. languages related concepts like on C, C++, Java, Python, Javascript, Php

Round 3 (Tech Round): This round mainly focused on Data structures and Algorithms .

I was given 3-4 diff scenarios and asked to propose solutions through data structures . I have given them Circular LL , Stack, queue based solutions.

Asked about Recursion and given a problem to solve through code.

Asked to develop an application like paytm including all its attributes like users, carriers, payment gateway, etc ( Interviewer was helpful , he was giving me hints if i got stuck somewhere )

At last he had given me one more real life problem statement related to metro rail networks and i proposed a solution through graphs for it using Djikstra’s algorithm.

Round 4 (HR Round) :  1. Tell me about yourself

2. Tell me about your family

3. What do you know about Orange

4. Why Orange

5. Any questions for me


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