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Adobe SheCodes Interview Experience for Internship 2020

Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2021
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The online assessment round consisted of 4 sections:

Cognitive Assessment (20 questions- 20 minutes): It had 2 sections.

  1. English: (10 questions), which composed of comprehension-based and basic grammar questions,
  2. Numerical Ability: (10 questions), which composed of questions on geometry, trigonometry, quadratic equations, probability, statistics, etc.

Technical Assessment(20 questions-20 minutes): It consisted of MCQs on Data Structures & Algorithms, DBMS, OOPs, OS, and Computer Networks.

Coding Assessment (2 questions- 60 minutes) The 2 questions were:

Gamified Assessment (3 tasks- 23 minutes): This section composed of mind game based questions that had to be done according to the given instructions.

Interview Experience:

  • Platform: BlueJeans
  • Duration: 1 hour

The interviewer started with “Tell me about yourself”.

Then he started with some CS fundamental questions. I was asked about the singleton class and then about the memory layout in C++, then he moved on to the next question. He pasted a code snippet in the chatbox and asked me to tell the output. I copied the code to my local editor and explained my approach to find the output. The code was related to the concept of virtual function and destructor in C++. After that, he asked me how much memory will be used by a struct that is storing 2 char variables and 1 int variable.

After that, he started with questions on data structures and algorithms. I was asked the following questions:


In the end, the interviewer asked that if I had any questions for him, to which I asked what technologies would the interns be working on during their internship.

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