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Adobe Internship Interview Experience

Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2021
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This is an On-campus internship offer.

Eligibility Criteria was a minimum of 7 pointer with no backlogs.

Round 1: First-round was an online exam in Hackerank platform consisting of 19 questions. Two of them are coding questions they provide a question and editor to write and test our code.

  1. Similar to the problem – Maximum sum less than or equal to k. link 
  2. They will provide a string you should find the kth repetition of the given character. They will provide an array of k’s find all of them if there is no kth repetition then give -1.

And next one is a descriptive question in which we have to write our favorite project and experience the remaining all of them are multiple-choice questions. 4 questions are based on guessing the output based on the given code and time complexities and remaining MCQs are based on Aptitude, mathematics, and logical reasoning questions.

Round 2: This is a technical round (Face to a Face video interview in Microsoft teams)

I was asked to introduce myself. Next, all are questions related to problem-solving and DSA.

  1. Difference between array and a linked list
  2. Given the address delete that node from the singly linked list (You are not given head pointer) link
  3. Given the mxn matrix of zeroes. In one operation you are going to add 1 to every element from (0,0) to (i,j). There will be k operations. Find the count of numbers that is maximum in the matrix.
  4. Given the array consisting of the number of blocks the building is constructed of. Each element represents the building blocks. In every operation, you should remove half the no. of blocks from a building. Given k operations

    (i) Find a minimum number of elements that can be left.

    (i) Find a maximum number of elements that can be left.

    Which data structure do you use? What is its time complexity?

  5. What is a min-heap, what is a max heap. Implement them. Give time complexities for insertion.
  6. Given a binary tree find all the paths from the root to any node of the tree such that the last element in the path is greater than the root.
  7. NOTE: For every question interviewer asked for different approaches, code optimization, time complexity, space complexity, and implementations for each approach.

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