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Adobe SheCodes Interview Experience 2021

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Hello Geeks! I am a fellow Geek, here to share about my personal Adobe #SheCodes Interview Experience!

There were a total of 3 rounds:-

  1. Online Assessment Round
  2. Shortlisting Round Based on CV
  3. Final Interview Round

Online Assessment Round: Online Assessment consisted of 3 rounds

  1. Cognitive – 20 Questions(20 mins)
  2. Computer Fundamental – 20 Questions(20 mins)
  3. Coding – 2 Questions(45 mins)
  4. Gamified Assessment – 3 Games(23mins)
  • Cognitive:- 10 Questions: English Grammar, Comprehension; 10 Questions: Mathematical Problems
  • Computer Fundamentals:- 20 Questions on Data Structures, Basic Programming Fundamentals, Operating Systems
  • Coding:- 2 Questions based on Trees and Arrays
  • Gamified:- 3 small easy Games

My Experience: Except for the coding round, all other rounds were simple and easy! Coding questions were of Intermediate level and would require a lot of practice.

Practice Coding from:

Shortlisting based on CV:-

Tips for a Presentable CV:

Personal Details
  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Contact Info
  4. LinkedIn Profile URL
  5. About Yourself
Educational Info
  1. Present UG course CGPA
  2. 12th Percentage
  3. 10th Percentage
SkillsAll Technical and Soft Skills

Achievements which showcase your:-

  1. Technical skills
  2. Leadership qualities
  3. Team Working skills
Languages KnownVerbal and Written Proficiency 
ProjectsBrief details about your projects
Interested DomainsMention about 3 to 5 domains 

My Experience: There were about 500 students all around India selected from the online assessment round. These students were then shortlisted based on CV. We were asked to build a presentable CV which mentioned our skillset and projects. It is important to mention only those skills which we have full knowledge of as the interviewer will ask you questions based on the skills mentioned.


Preparation Tips:-

  • Have strong knowledge of one of the following programming languages: Java, C, C++, Python
  • Practice questions from GeeksforGeeks
  • Have strong knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms with proper understanding of time and space complexity of codes
  • Have strong knowledge of Operating Systems and know about the current as well as old OS designs and functions
  • Choose 2 favorite subjects from your course and do a thorough revision of them
  • Revise the Projects you mentioned in your résumé and be prepared to answer questions about them

Interview Process and Tips:-

  • You will be asked to tell About Yourself. Keep it short and simple.
  • You will be asked your favorite subjects from your course and questions based on them. Make sure to revise those subjects and also understand their real life applications.
  • You will be asked to code in a live editor in any programming language of your choice. Explain your code and your thoughts as you type the snippets.
  • Interviewer will want you to solve the problem with the best approach. Read My Experience.
  • You will also be asked questions on projects you have mentioned in your CV.
  • Be confident in answering the questions. If you don’t know the answer, it’s better to tell the interviewer so rather than beating around the bush.
  • Finally, Smile throughout the interview and relax. Your attitude and body posture tells a lot about you as a person!

Coding questions asked for me:-

  1. Find the middle element of the node 
  2. Accessing matrix elements
  3. Find minimum and maximum number in a sorted rotated array

My Experience: My interview was really good except for the coding part. I was able to solve the given problems but unfortunately I couldn’t solve it in a better and efficient way. Hence, make sure that you understand the concept of time complexity in programming and find the best solution/approach to the given problem.


Follow all the tips mentioned above and prepare well for the interview. These tips will not only help you to bag this internship but will also help you ace other company interviews as well!

Leave a comment and let me know if you find this helpful 🙂

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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