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Amazon Interview experience | Set 331 (1 Year Experienced for SE-1)

A big big thanks to geeks for geeks for constructing this platform where candidates find suitable question sets. 1. 1st Round (Coding round on hacker rank) : Two questions. Each of 100 marks. Total time given was 2 hours. Question 1: http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/find-length-largest-region-boolean-matrix/ Question 2: http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/largest-sum-contiguous-subarray/ 2. 2nd Round (Tech) : Two questions. Here the basic… Read More »

Amazon Interview experience | Set 330

I recently gave interview for Amazon SDE-I role in Bangalore for AppStore team. Online Test (Hacker Earth): 1. Given a number N, you have to print “Prime” if its a prime number or “Not Prime” if its not. 2. Given a string S, print the number of digits and number of english alphabets in it.… Read More »

Amazon Interview experience | Set 325

1st Round(Hackerrank) Given an array, find largest sum of 1) Contiguous subarray 2) Non Contiguous Subarray Largest region of cells problem 2nd Round(Written test) Add two numbers represented by linked list Get a number, find next greater element with same digits Given a sorted array find if a[i]+a[j]=0 (i != j) 3rd Round(ftf) Max Sum… Read More »