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Amazon Interview experience | Set 325

1st Round(Hackerrank) Given an array, find largest sum of 1) Contiguous subarray 2) Non Contiguous Subarray Largest region of cells problem 2nd Round(Written test) Add two numbers represented by linked list Get a number, find next greater element with same digits Given a sorted array find if a[i]+a[j]=0 (i != j) 3rd Round(ftf) Max Sum… Read More »

Junglee Games Interview Experience

1st Round (Telephonic) Work Experience Can a TCP Connection be secure Nginx Load balancing Algo How would a multiplayer game look like 2nd Round (ftf) Lot of java questions Strings, hash_code, static classes, comparable, compareTo Largest Sum contiguous subarray 3rd Round(ftf) String matching algo Reverse a linked list Comparator in javascript 4th Round (ftf) CTO… Read More »

D E Shaw Interview Experience | Set 19 (Off-Campus)

1st Round (Hackerrank Code Pair) Majority Element Return 10 elements at any point Static Polymorphism vs Dynamic Polymorphism Diff between list and tuple in python   If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article to See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main… Read More »

[24]7 Innovation Labs Interview Experience | Set 4 (Off-Campus)

Round 1(Telephonic) Explained about company JD Snake and Ladder game (matrix, array, linked list) Find the row with maximum 1s where every row of sorted 0s and 1s ( ) n  =2 output ()(), (()) For given n print total valid parenthesis( )   If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute,… Read More »

1mg Interview Experience | Set 1 (Off Campus)

Round 1 Devise a dice using one coin Stock buy sell problem What is BFS in Tree I have two coins winning strategy Round 2 Around Python and Ruby Network calls Computer network concepts Round 3 Majority Element Database concurrency Intersection of Two linked list Around resume Count Sort Round 4 Around resume Rating and… Read More »