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10 YouTube Channels That Every Software Developer Should Follow

Last Updated : 28 Dec, 2023
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YouTube is one of the most popular platforms where multiple users share Knowledge, art, craft, and their lives through blogging and posting regular videos. In this article, detailed knowledge is provided about the top 10 popular YouTube channels available in YouTube which the software developers should follow to increase their knowledge, and productivity and also to get various insights in the field of software engineering.

Youtube channels every software developer should follow

These tech YouTubers provide the best content related to software development and many software enthusiasts can take help from the videos of these YouTube channels which are mentioned in the article.

Who is a Software Developer?

A Software Developer is a professional person who analyses the users’ requirements and then develops software products related to the requirements of the users and supplies them. The work of software developers also includes the software development, the testing of the software, and the deployment process. These software developers needed to code and these developers also had creative masterminds behind the programs of the software products.

10 YouTube Channels Every Software Developer Should Follow

There are multiple YouTube channels for software developers to follow. Some of the famous YouTube channels that every software developer should follow are mentioned:

1. GeeksForGeeks

GeeksforGeeks is a powerhouse in the world of online learning, with 667k+ subscribers on their YouTube channel. It provides high-quality videos that cover mainly Development and DSA tutorials which help software developers enhance their coding skills and encourage the viewers to code daily so that they can improve their ability to write clean codes and effective codes. By Covering a vast number of topics, GeeksforGeeks dives deep into programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, and more and with a focus on algorithmic problem-solving, data structures, and interview preparation, the channel equips viewers with essential skills which is generally required for excelling in coding interviews and real-world projects.

2. Corey Schafer

Corey Schafer consists of around 1.3M Subscriber and this youtube channel covers the topics which are related to software development programming languages such as Python, SQL, JavaScript, Git, Development, Terminal Commands, Development environments and about the Computer science fundamentals. Therefore these are some popular frontend and backend programming languages he teaches in his videos and he also provides in depth knowledge in his videos about the mentioned topics which will surely help other software developers in their career.

3. Web Dev Simplified

Web Dev Simplified youtube channel comprises approx 1.45M Subscribers. The name of the youtube channel itself consists of web development in simplified form. This youtube channel is great for the people or the developers who are just about to start their career in web development or who are willing to learn about new technologies and popular programming languages to grow in their fields. This tech youtuber also provides knowledge about advanced topics. Kelvin is the main host of this youtube channel who posts videos on development and his videos are easily understandable by beginners.

4. The Coding Train

This youtube channel of Coding Train consists of around 1.63M Subscriber which focuses on various coding and algorithms. The videos in this youtube channel are related to different programming and development projects. Some of these programming languages which this youtube channel mainly focuses on are- p5.js, the JavaScript library and also this channel focuses on machine learning, game developmental and other interactive visualisations. The host of this channel has an objective to make his lessons creative which makes this youtube channel different from others. The weekly coding channel makes it more fun to learn coding.

5. Traversy Media

This youtube channel is hosted by Brad Traversy which consists of 2.17M Subscribers in this youtube channel which offers a vast range of courses and video tutorials on the latest popular technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and the most demanding frontend frameworks- React and Vue js. Not only the channel focuses on the frontend technologies but also it focuses on the backend technologies such as – Python, PHP and Node.js. Therefore a complete beginner who wants to start his career as a web developer can refer to this youtube channel as this channel consists of both frontend and backend technologies.


FreeCodeCamp youtube channel consist of about 8.7M Subscriber. This youtube channel offers multiple programming courses and tutorials across different platforms without any cost. FreeCodeCamp provides high quality training videos for the beginners to the expert developers across the world. Some of the major developments for which this channel provides videos are- Web development, Software development, App development, QA, Data science and Testing.

7. ArjanCodes

Arjan Egges is the host of his youtube channel Known as ArjanCodes which consist of video tutorials on the topics related to code architecture and software design. This youtube channel mainly focuses on the quality of content it can produce to the viewers so that the viewers can completely engage with the videos and can get useful insights from those videos. This youtube channel consist of around 207K Subscribers and the videos which in this youtube channel focuses on theoretical explanation with some useful practical examples so that the viewers can completely understand the concept.

8. Nick Chapsas

Nick Chapsas youtube channel consist of approx 247K Subscribers which mainly focuses on .NET and C# and also provides useful insights and different resources for programmers which are looking to enhance their career. The viewers who want to learn completely about the topics related to .NET and C# They can completely refer to these youtube channels as the video tutorials present in this channel completely focus on these two topics and provide everything about these topics which can help the viewers to some extent in their career.

9. Tech with Tim

Tech with Tim youtube channel was hosted by Tim Ruscica which consist of 1.38M Subscribers and this channel consist of vast knowledge about the topics related to programming languages, software engineering and machine learning. Tim is specialised in JavaScript and Python and his youtube tutorial videos provides the knowledge related to these topics and this youtube channel consist of many resources from beginner level to intermediate level. The content of this youtube channel is related to examples of projects, use of tools and conceptual examples.

10. The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja youtube channel which consists of around 1.26M Subscribers and has more than 1000 free programming tutorials about the modern JavaScript from beginner to advanced level . This youtube channel also focuses on different programming languages such as React, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, MySQL and MongoDB and Firebase. If the person fully focuses on the video tutorial and practise and they can master these programming languages as these channels provide a vast knowledge about these topics.


YouTube is one of the best platforms where a person who is a complete beginner or an expert can learn a lot through the video tutorials from the different youtubers. YouTube is a place where there is a wide range of knowledge about each and every field which anybody can benefit from and gain the skills about the fields they are interested in. Some of the best youtube channels related to software development and the programming languages which need to be learned by software developers are mentioned and these are the top youtube channels which every software developers need to follow which are mentioned in this article.

FAQs YouTube Channels for Developers

1. What is a Software Developer ?

Software Developers are the professional people who develop software or build, run and deploy a computer programme. They also solve multiple technical problems by using their creative mindset and logical ability.

2. What are the top youtube channels every software developer should follow?

Some of the top youtube channels which every software developer should follow are- Fireship, freecodecamp, Webdev simplified, The coding train, The net ninja, Tech with tim, Arjan codes, Nick chapsas and many more.

3. How do youtube videos help the software developer in their growth and development ?

ItYoutube videos which help the software developers are those types of videos which are related to tech and programming languages. There are multiple programming languages which developers should learn in their daily jobs or to create websites, apps and many more things. These things could be learned from the youtube videos.

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