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Why Developers Should Have a YouTube Channel?

Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2023
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YouTube… The most addictive platform for all age groups. Whether you want to watch movies or you want to make ice cream or you want to learn something everyone prefers to get everything through online videos sitting at home and definitely free of cost (jokes apart…). On YouTube, information is overloaded, and being a developer or starting your programming journey you might have definitely taken the help of YouTube videos to understand the concepts in a better way and there is a possibility that you might have been inspired by those YouTubers as well. 

Why Developers Should Have a YouTube Channel


If you are a passionate developer we suggest you not only watch the videos of renowned programmers/developers on YouTube but also start your own YouTube channel and there are multiple benefits to doing that. Let’s discuss this in detail… 

1. Learning and Social Exposure

When you teach something to others it helps you to get knowledge about a specific topic in detail and also clear all your doubts. You do research, you go through the documentation, you watch some other tutorials, you build projects and when you make videos after learning all the things you need to write code again, you need to look at the whole application, again and again, you redo few things and a lot of things are repetitive so eventually it makes your concepts more clear and helps you to remember everything in-depth for a long time.

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” — Albert Einstein

It also helps in personal development and removes social anxiety. A lot of developers don’t talk much, do not have social skills, and love to isolate themselves from others. Being on camera, explaining things to others, and talking gives them an opportunity to communicate, to share their opinion which eventually helps them to remove social anxiety and learn how to deal with other people. 

2. Online Presence

No matter in what field you are working, an online presence is very important in this technical era of the 21st century. Everything is running online and for professional growth online presence matter a lot for everyone whether it’s a LinkedIn account, personal blog, personal website, or your own youtube channel. It creates a brand that is really helpful in making connections, getting feedback from others, and for professional growth as well. 

3. Helps in Promoting Business

Online activity and the internet is the best source to promote any kind of business and make a profit from it especially when you are doing it through videos. You can showcase your services and products through your channel. When you showcase your services, your projects, or your portfolio, you can get potential clients and customers all over the world. It can help you in freelancing or any other business. Your services can reach from one person to two, two people to four, four to eight, and so on.

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 4. Helps in Getting a Lot of Jobs/Career Opportunities

It’s hard to get a job as a developer when you have no computer science degree and you are a self-taught programmer. At that time you really need to do something which can help you to showcase your talent or your interest in programming to the recruiters. So what’s the best solution….definitely YouTube. Suppose you want to become a python developer and if you make videos on python, a recruiter visiting your channel can watch your coding skill. They can also check your knowledge and interest in programming which can help you in landing a job. 

5. Side Income

One of the toughest things is to generate side income through a YouTube channel. It needs a lot of patience and consistency if you want to generate money through YouTube. A lot of YouTubers give up on making YouTube videos and continuing because they find difficulty in getting subscribers and generating side income. Initially, you won’t make anything but as we have said that you need to stick with making videos, and making good content if you put in a lot of effort then you can definitely get viewers and subscribers and you can start making money. You can generate money through affiliate marketing, promoting someone else content or product, and sponsorship, and a lot of options are out there. We agree that starting a youtube channel and maintaining it is difficult. You make one video, then another video, then another one and you spend your time but you may become sad because you don’t get any subscribers or views on your video. 

Also, let us tell you if you’re having a passion for sharing your knowledge and expertise through your videos but are still not ready for starting your own YouTube channel because of any reason like not having time to manage the channel, difficulty in understanding copyright & other policies of YouTube, etc. – no worries, GeeksforGeeks has a solution of it for you!

You can apply for GeeksforGeeks Video Freelancing opportunity where you will be selected as a freelance video contributor for GeeksforGeeks and what you do is contribute videos that will be published on the GFG website. You can opt to create and contribute content from various domains including Programming Languages, DSA, Machine Learning, Android Developments, etc. 

You’ll not only get to connect with your audience and share your knowledge with them by making videos – but you’ll get the appropriate remuneration as well for your videos. 


So, these all are the reasons people quit but you need to accept that you will have to go through this phase when you start your own YouTube channel. Remember that people who have thousands of subscribers also started from nothing but they didn’t quit and that’s the reason they are successful. We would like to share the name of a few popular developers who started their journey making YouTube videos from nothing but now they have thousands of subscribers and they love making videos and helping others.

  • Striver
  • Gaurav Sen
  • Rachit Jain
  • Keerti Purswani
  • Nishant Chahar
  • Love Babbar, and many others!

So now if you are telling yourself to start your channel and make videos even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes then do it but a quick tip is here be genuine, be consistent, and do not fake anything in your youtube videos.

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