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What is Electronic Signature?

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Electronic signature or e-sign is the modern technology method of signing the documents or say any data/content by putting the signature through the digital device. Electron signature provides the same authenticity as the original signature on the data/content given by physical handwriting. They are proof that the owner has read the document/content and has no objection to the content. 

Electronic signatures are accepted legally and they hold the same level of importance as the physical signature. There are many apps and tools available online that provide the feature of signing the documents/ content electronically.

Steps involved for providing electronic signatures on content are given as below:

  • Secure Key Generation: E- signatures make use of secured private and public keys for maintaining authenticity. The keys used for the electronic signature process are unique and it is extremely safe to make use of the keys. Private keys are not accessible to everyone only the owner has the private key. On the other hand, public keys are accessible to everyone.
  • Digital Signature of the Content: When the private key is obtained, it immediately proceeds to sign the documents or content by providing the signature digitally. The digital electronic signature can be provided by online tools available for this purpose.
  • Verification for Authenticity: Electronic signatures are verified by making use of the public key and the owner’s signature on the document. Once the identity of owner is verified, the electronic signatures are considered equally significant and important.

Advantages of Electronic Signature:

  • Quick and Easy way of Signing Documents: Electronic signatures are a quick method of digitally approving the content. They save lot of time and also to sign the content digitally.
  • Hassle-Free: Electronic signatures are hassle free ways of signing the content. They can be accessed by simply making use of online tools available for providing e- sign.
  • Verifying Owner Identity: E-sign verify owner identity, they are a suitable way available to verify that the owner is verified. They are also a proof that the owner has read the content on which the signature is provided.
  • Legally Accepted Document: Electronic signatures are legally Accepted way of signing documents. Electronic signatures are no less than the physical handwritten signatures, they hold equal significance.
  • Smooth and Flexible: Electronic signs are flexible and can be created by any digital device. E-signs are accepted and there are smooth in processing for content sign and verification.
  • Secure and Safe: Electronic signatures are safe and secure to use. Owners need not worry about the authenticity when they opt for signing their documents digitally.
  • Contain certificates of Authenticity: Digital electronic signatures are associated with certificates that ensure authenticity of the data. Certificates are also a proof that the identity of owner is verified and correct in all aspects.

Uses of E-Signatures:

Electronic signatures are very useful and find their use in the below fields:

  • Legal Work: Agreements and contracts are safe when they are processed for signing electronically. Encryption and decryption process is followed, making the entire legal work safe.
  • Human Resources: All human welfare activities for the benefit of employees are conducted smoothly when executed making use of digital signatures.
  • Business Administration: All Business documents are fast processed when signed digitally. They eliminate the need of paperwork and make the entire administration activity less time consuming.
  • Sales: There are exponential increase observed in sales as the entire process is hassle free and simple. Time consuming activities like sale contracts consume much less time when electronic-sign technique is adopted.
  • Finance Activities: All the economic related activities like signing and approving of budgets, purchase orders, invoices is done digitally, which makes the entire process smooth.
  • Marketing: Activities related to marketing like campaigns, promotions are carried much faster when the entire process uses digital verification technique of e-sign.
  • Procurement: Involving newer activities save cost, similarly when the procurement process is carried through e-sign new vendors are easily on-boarded / educated. Agreements are quickly signed and save a lot of time.
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Last Updated : 07 Mar, 2022
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