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VMware Interview Experience | Set 13 (On-Campus): Rnd_developer

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Round 1: Online Round on Hirepro There were 40 questions and 4 sections:

  • Section 1: 10 questions from Aptitude(time & work, numbers etc )to be solved in 15mins
  • Section 2: 19 questions from core Computer Science (Networking (35%), Operating Systems (10%), DataStructures and Algorithms(25%), rest of the questions were from DBMS, Computer Organisation) to be solved in 30 mins
  • Section 3: 1 Coding Question (Easy-Moderate level) time limit was 30mins
  • Section 4: 10 Questions from the language section, we had to select two languages from a pool of four languages( Java, C, C++, python3.6) I chose Java and C. I practiced language questions from the language section of GFG. Total 20mins were given for this section.

Out of 170 students, 32 of them were shortlisted for the interview. 

Round 2: Technical interview (Time: 1hr 10mins) Questions were asked from DataStructure, Algorithms, and Mathematics. find all the prime numbers which are less than a given number N. Why do we check up to the square root of a prime number to determine if it is prime or not? find a number that has exactly 3 divisors. find the number of rectangles on a chessboard. Explain the Binary knap-sack problem. Why the manhole is circular in shape? Given an array of numbers separate even numbers and odd numbers (in time complexity – O(N) and space O(1)) Which is greater than 25% of 5 or 5% of 25? Around 20 people got shortlisted for the next round. 

Round 3: Managerial Round (Time: 1hr) The interviewer asked me to consider him as an old granny and explain to him all my previous projects and internships from scratch. I started explaining to him about my 2 internships and 7 projects, he was quite impressed by my projects as they were all based on domains like IOT, machine learning, Augmented Reality, and Blockchain. He told me to write down the flow of each project on a piece of paper and mark the work done by me on that particular project. After this round, 15 people were selected for the next round. 

Round 4: Technical interview2 (Time: 30-40mins) I was told to wait but others gave this round Questions were asked from core subjects like operating systems- different scheduling algos, IPC, etc networking- SSL protocol, routing techniques, TCP, UDP, OSI, and TCP/IP, question-related to arp, DHCP, DNS, etc DBMS – queries like find 2nd largest salary from the table, ACID properties, etc 6 people got selected for HR round. 

Round 5: HR round (Time: 5-10 mins) After waiting for 6 hours they called me for an HR round Questions asked were: What kind of person you are? Tell me about your family background. What are your previous offers? 

At last 5 people(including me) were selected for FTE+internship and 1 got an internship at vmware. Practicing previous interview questions from GFG helped me! Tip: While giving the interview you should always wear a smile and try to make the interview as interactive as possible. Best of Luck!  

Last Updated : 27 Feb, 2023
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