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VMware Interview Experience | Set 6 (On-Campus for IT Application Developer)

Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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VMWare visited an extension centre of our campus for hiring IT App Developer. 

Round 1 
The first round a written one, conducted on HirePro platform. It had 2 section, Aptitude and Technical. Time allotted was 75 mins. The aptitude section was quite tough. In technical section, there were a mixed bag of questions ranging from Hashing, OS, DBMS, Data Structures etc. to Networking , Linux etc. 

16 students were short listed for further round. 

Round 2 

There was also a coding round. There was only one question to be solved in one hour. There were no in-built test cases or submission portal. The coding round was held in 3 diff batches. The questions were : 
1) Find all primes numbers less than a given prime number
2) Check whether a number is an Armstrong number or not
3) Convert a infix expression to postfix. 

A total of 35 students were selected for next round. 

Round 3 

The next round consisted of a software architecture question. We had to design Class/Object and E-R diagram for web app to be built for a music store. The app needs to handle online orders, in store purchases and inventory as well. 

I deviated a bit from Class/Object or E-R diagram and gave a micro services based Web App architecture with SQL based Scheme design. I drew table structure for all tables including various functional dependencies and relations. I also made various middleware services for app functioning. It was later revealed that company gave a lot of weight-age to this round, at least in my case. 

10 students were eliminated after this round. 

Round 4 

There were two Technical Interviews. To my surprise, they were really short. 

Round 5 

In the second interview, first I was asked to explain what I did during my internships. Then he asked me few questions from technical sections. Few of them were : 
1) Explain 2NF, Functional Dependencies 
2) How will you distribute requests from Load Balancer to different servers. He was basically asking for CPU scheduling algos. 
3) Most used function in C lang. (Still boggled by this question) 
4) Some questions on NoSQL and SQL databases. 

This was followed by two HR interviews. Standard HR questions were asked there on why VMWare, about me etc.etc. 

In the end, 5 students were selected by VMWare for full time roles as well as Six Months Internship. 




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