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VMware Interview Experience | Set 11 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 11 Jun, 2019
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Round 1 : Online round via hirepro
Round 1 (90 mins): 4 Sections.

Section 1:
Time : 15 mins.
10 MCQ’s , Aptitude Section
Aptitude questions ( Boats & Streams, Profit and Loss, Histograms etc.,)
These questions were tough(for the time given).

Section 2 :
Time : 30 mins
12 MCQ’s , Technical Section
Technical Questions on OS, Networks,OOP.
Easy if you prepare well ( check out the language section for OOP concepts ).

Section 3 :
Time: 15 mins
15 MCQ’s, Language section
Questions in C++, Python, Java(predicting the output mostly).
These were tricky, prone to error, most of the correct answers were “Compile error”.
Prepare Java, C++ and Python questions from Language section in GFG.

Section 4 :
Time: 30 mins
One coding question, Find if a given number has exactly three factors.
It was an easy question, My approach was to find the square root of the given number and find if it’sa Prime or not.(O(logn)+O(sqrt(n))).
range of number 2<=n<=2^32 (Unsigned int will work, take long long for caution).

10 out of 126 were shortlisted for the interviews.

Round 2 : Face to Face interview on skype.

After greeting, he immediately jumped to the technical part.

Question 1: (Just to test whether I can code or not) Find the max-min in an array.
(He shared a screen on, I had to type in the code for him to verify).
I gave the basic solution of 1 linear scan and find the answer.

Question 2: For the same array in question 1(Any unsorted array) find maximum of a[j]-a[i] for (i<j)
My approach : Use auxiliary space to store minimum up to i, and find max(a[i] – min_upto[i])
He asked me if I can do it in O(1) space.
I told him I can check for every possible pair in O(n2).
He gave me hint to find maximum on the right part of every element at i,store the difference in a variable, I understood the logic and told him I only need to update this maximum if the current element at i is equal to the maximum.He was impressed as I grasped the idea quickly,asked me to write a function to find the maximum on the right of an element, I told him we have an inbuilt stl function for that (*max_element(a.begin()+i,a.end()) , he was happy with my answer and stopped coding questions and jumped into theory.

Question 3: Tell me about virtual keyword and it's usage, I gave him a crisp explanation.

Next few Questions on Threads in java.
How run() method is different from start()
for 3 threads t1,t2,t3 on same object

predict the output for this..I gave him the correct answer.

Then he said he was done with the first round.

Round 3 : Similar to Round 2.

Basic introduction, How was your day so far?

Question 1 : Given a number n , and head node of a linked list , reverse all the n-partitions.
I had to code on collab-edit and he verified later.
Question 2 : What is the worst case complexity on Quicksort and when does it occur?
O(n2) , when the array is already sorted.
What would be the remedy?
I told we can use merge sort as it is always O(nlogn)
He asked if we can randomize choosing the pivot , would that help?
I verified with the code of the partition function and found out it would work, I told him yes it'll always be O(nlogn) if we randomize pivot.

He seemed satisfied.

Question 3 : Given a 2D maze with 0's and 1's , find if there is a path between two points..path can be only those cell's containing 1's;

I had to code this, I did it using DFS modification , he was impressed.

He asked a few questions on scheduling algorithms in OS and regarding the fork() system call.

Some more questions on packages , abstract classes and interfaces in java, I answered all of them ( thanks to GFG for the quick notes ).

Then he said he was done and would get back to me.

Round 4 : Telephonic HR round

He explained me everything regarding the work for an intern then posed some basic behavioral questions.

1) How was your day so far?
2) What do you think about our work at VMware?
3) What kind of a person are you?
4) What would your friend tell about you?

Be honest, if asked about future aims , never say anything regarding higher education or entrepreneurial ideas , It leaves them in a confused state to take you or not , just tell them you want to work in a good organization and scale up in it.

Then he gave me the details regarding the stipend and perks.(This means you are selected).

At last 2 of us were selected for internship in VMware Banglore.
Practicing previous interview questions from GFG helped me.

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