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VMware Interview Experience | Set 7 (On-Campus for IT Application Developer)

Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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Round 1: Online Multiple Choice Questions
It comprised of two sections.

  • First section consisted around 15-20 questions related to logical reasoning (Quantitative – Easy-medium-level) and lengthy paragraphs (Verbal reasoning – Difficult – owing to the time allocated). It had to be solved within 20 minutes.
  • Next section consisted around 30-35 questions related to general programming concepts including but not limited to C programming, Output based questions, Determining time complexity, Computer Networks, Operating systems, Computer organisation-and-architecture. Questions were of Easy-medium level. This section had to be solved within 45 minutes.

30 students were shortlisted for further rounds.

Round 2: Coding
A problem statement was given. We had an option to select the language. 1 hour was allocated for this round. Frequently asked questions in this round are –

Almost all of them were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3: Technical round 1(Based on design issues)
All the students were given a question based on a case study – Inventory management system. It was a dialogue between a consultant and client. Our task was to come up with a class diagram and ER diagram. Perhaps 30 minutes was allocated for drawing. After that every student had a discussion with the interviewers about the design. All the requirements must be covered in the proposed design. It was a bit challenging, but once you know how to draw a class diagram and entity diagram; and also to identify the key entities, you are good to go.

Round 4: Technical round 2
Q1) Discussion on Android. (Since I had done internship on Android)
Q2) Questions related to security of API’s and authentication with respect to Android.
Q3) General discussion on databases
Q4) Serialization in java
Q5) transient modifier in java
Q6) When do you use abstract class and when do you use interface in java
Q7) Questions related to network security – SQL Injection, Client side validation and Server side validation using Javascript
Q8) Cross-site scripting (XSS)
Q9) Time-and-space complexity analysis of Armstrong number program which was given to me in Round 2
Q10) Difference between inner join, left outer join and full outer join & few problem related to the same

Round 5: HR/MR round
By far, this was the most challenging round. There were 2 interviewers. Many questions were situation-based. There was no right or wrong answer, they wanted to test the students EQ. In almost all questions a situation was presented to you and you had certain choices to pick from. You also had to justify your answer. In the end, there were few standard HR questions.

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