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VMware Interview Experience | Set 8 (On-Campus for MTS – Propel Program)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Jun, 2019
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VMware visited our campus to hire new graduates for their Propel Program. The CGPA cutoff was 7.

Round 1
Online MCQ round. This had 3 sections: aptitude, general programming questions and another programming section(had to choose one of JavaC++).
Tip: prepare for OOP concepts.

Round 2
This was a technical round. I was asked the following questions:
1) Some questions related to my project
2) Find intersection of 2 linked lists
3) Difference between free() and delete()
4) Delete a tree
5) Longest Common Subsequence

Round 3
This was a also a technical round:
1) Write code for quick sort
2) Design/algorithmic related question on the placement/working of elevators
3) Chaching, TLB and similar OS concepts
4) A puzzle testing knowledge on bits

Round 4
This was a mix of technical and HR round:
1) One project that I am very proud of. All details about it. How I could have improved it.
2) More questions on the projects I have done.
3) What is it I am looking to work at VMware

Round 5
HR round. General HR questions.

Tip: Make sure your basics absolutely clear. They’ll look at your approach.

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