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VMWare Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

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First round was Online Test. There were totally 32 Questions divided into 3 categories with no negative marking.
1) Aptitude & Logical Questions (10 Questions)
2) Computer Science Questions (15 Questions) [C, OS, Data Structures, Microprocessors, Unix]
3) Questions on Java or C++ [We had to choose between Java & C++](7 Questions mainly on OOP Concepts)

They Shortlisted 22 people from 200+ people. There were 3 Technical Rounds + 1 HR Round.

1st Round:
1) Write a program to Reverse a number in Java without using builtin methods.
2) Write a program to Reverse a String in Java without using builtin methods.
3) He combined the above questions such that, no matter what we provide string or an integer or a double, the program should reverse it. Basically He was expecting method overloading concept.
4) A puzzle. You will be given with a 3 Litre container & a 7 Litre Container. Measure exactly 5 Litres of water.
5) Reverse a linked list.
6) Asked about one of my projects I mentioned in my resume.

2nd Round:
1) Detailed discussion about all my projects that I mentioned in my resume.
2) Find the common elements from 3 Lists.
3) Some questions on Object Oriented Programming Concepts.
4) Some Questions on Multi-Threading.
5) Asked in detail about ‘volatile’ variables.

3rd Round:
1) Which protocol is used by telnet?
2) Difference between telnet and ssh
3) What happens when we open a file using one tab and delete it from the other tab of the terminal
4) Some questions from Software development life cylce.
5) Basics about Virtualization & Hyperwisers.
6) Explain Cloud computing in layman’s language. (Thanks to Balaji Vishwanthan for an amazing answer for a similar question Quora) πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

HR Round:
1) About my family background.
2) Roles played by me in my various projects
3) Typical HR Questions like, Strengths, weeknesses and Hobbies.
After this the HR told that the manager of the team for which they wanted me to select has not come for the interview process that day, so, I will be having one more round with the Manager within couple of days in their office.

I waited for 2 weeks and still they havent called. I thought its better to give up. Then one morning the HR called and asked me to come to their office for the interview with the manager. Uff! A relief..

At VMWare Office, before the manager takes the interview, one more person from that team took a technical Interview.
They asked me to write the code in Java for the following questions:
1) Given an array with repeated numbers, print the frequencies of each number.
2) There are 3 kinds of balls in a big array. Red, Green, Blue color balls. Arrange them in such a way that all the red balls to the left, Green balls in the middle and Blue balls to the right of the array.
3) Modified the above question such that, the arrangement should be like, [R,G,B,R,G,B,R,G,B]. And discussed various boundary conditions.

At last, The interview with the manager:
1) Some questions on Software Development Life Cycle
Then it was a casual discussion about what their team does, and what are my roles if I get selected.

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Last Updated : 11 Jun, 2019
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