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TEKsystems Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 23 Jul, 2021

TEKsystems conducted a campus recruitment drive in my campus. 

At first, they gave a Pre-Placement Talk. day 1

In total it consisted of  5 rounds : 
1) Online Test (Including Coding Test) 90minutes day 1
2) Group Discussion day 1
3) Technical Round day 2
4) HR Round   day 2

They took Round 1 and Round 2 in our campus on the very first day. And rest of the rounds were held on Skype/Online platform. And the entire process was a week long. 

Round 1: Online Test 

ALL QUESTION WERE MCQ (Except Coding Section) 
Also this section has a sectional cutoff. 
This round consisted of following sections : 
a) General Aptitude (10 Questions) 
b) Data Interpretation (6 Questions) 
c) Logical Reasoning (10 Questions) 
d) Verbal Reasoning (10 Questions) 
e) Company Specific Questions (2 Questions) 
f) Coding Section (2 Questions) [45 Minutes Only] 

a) General Aptitude Questions were of medium level difficulty. Anyone with decent amount of practice will be able to solve most of the questions. 
b) Data Interpretation Questions were super easy. Anyone with good observation skills can solve all the questions. 
c) Logical Reasoning & Verbal Reasoning Sections were easy as well. 
e) Company Specific Questions : 
Q1. What is the name of the parent company ? [Answer : Allegis Group] 
Q2. What is the motto/tagline of this company ? [Answer : “Let’s own change, together.”] 

f) Coding Section Consisted of 2 Questions. 

Q1. You are given string s1 = “” and a string s2 = “abcbcaa” 
You can perform any one of the two operations on s1 : 
Append a new character to s1. This costs you A dollars. 
Append an existing substring of s1 to s1. This costs you B dollars. 
Find the minimal dollars you need to pay in order to convert s1 to s2. 
This question involves Dynammic Programming. 
Here are some similar questions : String_DP & Minimum_Cost 

Q2. You are given a string which consists of Numbers represented int he form of Roman Numerals. 
Example : s1 = “VII” or s1 = “XX”.  You task is to return the appropriate decimal number. 
Constraint : Numbers lie between 1 to 500. Also a chart was given for user to look at all the Roman Numerals values.  You can refer to this question to get an idea how to solve this question : Roman_to_Decimal

You have to solve at least 1 coding question in order to get to the next round. 

Out of 447 Students, only 68 students made it to the next round. And i was one of them. 

Round 2: Group Discussion (GD) 

68 students were divided into 4 groups. 
First everyone stated out points about what a GD is. Then the invigilator told us to not do any of this. She requested us to do exactly opposite of this, that is a debate. My group was given a topic of “West follows East or East follows the West”. Basically she wanted those people who tend to grab opportunity in a discussion and direct the flow of the discussion as per himself/ herself.  In a nutshell, anyone who showed a little dominating character in the discussion, he/she made it to the next round. 
Speak loud and clear along with some arm gestures supporting your words will do the job. 

Out of 68 Students, only 36 students made it to the next round. And i was one of them. 

Round 3: Technical Round (This round happened on Skype) 

Tip : Its okay if you don’t know the answer to the question. Simply say “Sir/Mam, i don’t know the answer to this question” or “I am not sure about the answer, but this is what i think could be the answer”. DON’T BLUFF THE INTERVIEWER ( At least for this company ) 

Q1. Tell me something about your self ? 
Q2. You have mentioned you did a course on SQL. How would you rate yourself in respect to this course? 
Q3. What is the difference between TRUNCATE & DELTE Commands ? 
Q4. What is the difference between DROP & TRUNCATE Commands ? 
Q5. Complete the function to convert a given Integer to its Binary form. 
Q6. Swap two numbers without using a third variable. 
Q7. If x = 25 . Evaluate “x = x++ + ++x – x++ ;” 
Q8. What is the difference between UNION & UNION ALL ? 
Q9. You have an Employee Table [ Name, Age, Salary] & a Department Table [Name, Department] 
Calculate sum of the salary of all the employees belonging to Department 1. 
[Answer : You have to use a JOIN Query along with SUM() function ie. “SELECT SUM(emp.sal) FROM Employee_Table AS emp JOIN Department_Table AS dept ON = WHERE dept.department = 1.” ] 
Q10. Give a brief overview of the projects you did during your internships. 

[Tip : Always be ready with some questions to ask at the end. It could be a deciding factor for your selection. And NEVER ask “What is the job profile that this company offers”. That question is only supposed to be asked during the Pre Placement Talk.] 

Out of 36 Students, only 17 students made it to the next round. And i was one of them. 

Round 4: HR Round (This round happened on Skype) 

For most people, this round was a Technical Round 2 . But three of us had a HR round instead. 

Q1. How is the weather over there? 
Q2. Tell me something about your self ? [Its their favourite question] 
Q3. Have you ever gone through Interviews before appearing for this company? 
Q4. What was the feedback of the interviewers that took your interview? 
Q5. What are your strengths ? 
Q6. How do you deal with a stressful situation ? 
Q7. Imagine you get to work in this company, and you work in a team. And suddenly one of you tea member quits and gives you his part. And your boss demands you to complete the work till the next day. 
How do you plan to manage that stress ? 
Q8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years down the lane ? 

[Tip : Try to make him/her believe that you mean whatever you say. And as always stay confident.] 


Out of 17 Students, only 7 students made it to the next round. And i was one of them. 

Round 5: Presentation Round (This round happened on Skype) [48 Hours Hackathon] 

This round is also an elimination round. [ Yeah i know it sucks ] 
7 of us were in 1 team. And we had to come up with some idea and work on it for 48 hours. 
The evaluation criteria was as follows : 

1) Every Member must write at least 50 lines of code. 
[ One member will create a public repository and rest of the members will create a branch from it. All the branches should be then merged. And the link must be shared with the company. Also you must prepare a presentation which will be displayed to them in real time. ] 
2) Main criteria for evaluation will be based on how well you answer the questions asked by the interviewer while you present your part in your presentation. 

Now since it was a team work, we divided the work among each of us. And we planned to build a Web Application. 1 member worked on styling part, 1 member worked on front-end, 3 on back-end, 2 on data prediction. 

So the key to this round is to explain your content in a very concise manner and have a through knowledge of your part in the Application. 
Following are the basic questions the interviewer asked during our presentation : 

Q1. What tools you have used to build the WebApp ? 

Q2. One member of our team worked on building the website responsive using Bootstrap. Now here the interviewer asked him that how can you create the website responsive WITHOUT using bootstrap. The answer is by using “Media Query Functions“. This functionality is available in CSS itself. And can help us to make the website responsive without using bootstrap. But of-course code will become much longer. 

Q3. Me along with other 2 people were working on the back-end part and were asked that why have we chosen Java Servelts to work with ? 

Q4. From where did you got the idea about the project ? What motivated you guys to work and build the project ? 

Q5. What is the future scope of this project ? 

DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FOR US ? [Yes “US”. There are gonna be multiple people across the panel] 

[Tips : It is like a normal presentation in which the interviewer will give you really short span of time to explain your content. So if you are clear and to the point wrt to your role, then chances are, he will get impressed. So prefer not to dive deep into the coding part unless that is the only part you have done. In a nutshell, its like selling the project to the interviewers. They probably check who is capable enough to sell the product to the future customers.] 

Out of 7 Students, only 2 students finally got selected. And Unfortunately I was NOT one of them

This whole process was 1 week long. And it felt really bad after i got eliminated in the last round. 
But soon i moved on and got placed in the next company i appeared i.e. in “Nomura Research Institute Financial Technologies ( NRI Fintech )“. 

Here is my Experience for “NRI Fintech” : NRI_Fintech_Experience

Good Luck and Never loose hope. ~ Kunal

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