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MakeMyTrip Interview Experience | On-Campus Virtual Experience

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The process consisted of 4 rounds.

  1. Aptitude test
  2. Technical round 1
  3. Technical round 2
  4. HR round

First-round Aptitude test (2 Coding questions + 20 MCQs): There were 20 MCQ questions asked which were mainly from the topics, DBMS, OS, OOP, and Computer Network. MCQ levels were easy/moderate. The Coding questions were: 

  1. Given a string of 1s and 0s, where 1 represents a filled seat and 0 represents an empty seat in a row. Find an empty seat with maximum distance from an occupied seat. Return the maximum distance. eg if the given string is 1000101, then the max distance will be 2, i.e the distance of 0 in index 2 from 1 in index 0 and index 4.
  2. Given string s1 and s2, convert s1 into a palindromic string such that it contains s2 as its substring. This is done using a minimum number of operations where 1 operation consists of replacing any character of s1 with any other character. This operation can be done for any number of time. eg s1=> archit , s2=> ar, output=>3.

37 students were selected after this round. Both coding questions were mandatory.

Technical Round 1(1 hr time duration): This was conducted in the HackerEarth platform. It was taken by a senior SDE at go-MMT. He asked me to introduce myself and we began with the interview. He asked me two coding questions:

  1. Next greatest element for every element in an array. (Easy/Moderate)
    Practice Link:
  2. Left View of a binary tree. (Easy/Moderate)
    Practice Link:

Then he asked me simple questions like the difference between primary and foreign keys, a real-life example of inheritance and why is it used. He also asked me to brief him about the project I did in my internship.

20 students were selected for the next round.

Technical Round  2 (30 min time duration): This round was comparatively easy than the first round. It was taken by a product manager who was really friendly. He asked me questions about the projects I have done and my internship. He mostly asked me about the real-life application of graphs in social-network like Facebook and Twitter. He asked about APIs and how to handle it. Then he asked me to explain the functionality of each layer in the OSI model. He asked about the difference between Linux and Windows operating systems. The questions were very basic.

7 students were selected for the hr round.

HR Round: This was a phone interview where the HR asked me to introduce my self and why do I want to join the company. Then she asked me whether it was ok for me to relocate to a different state. She was very friendly and professional so she kept it short and simple. This round hardly took 5 minutes.

6 students were selected and I was one of them.

Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2021
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