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TCS Interview Experience: Off-Campus Interview through Codevita

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The Codevita Drive was very well conducted by the TCS management committe at the TCS Campus, Indore. There were 2 slots for students from various colleges as a lot of them were from Indore as well as from Bhopal and Vidisha also. I was alloted the the 2nd slot which was from 12.30 PM.

Entered at 12:00:

We were asked to bring a govt. issued ID proof for manual checking at the campus gate. After the verification process, we were brought to a central Hall. Students from the previous slot were also there.

Lunch From 1:00- 2:00 PM:

The lunch Break held between 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. We went to the TCS Canteen where we enjoyed the food and came back before 2’O clock.

Called For Interview around 4:30 PM:

I was then called for the interview around 4:30 PM. A batch of 6 students was called along with me and we were then brought to the place where Interviews were to be taken. We were told earlier in the college that the interviews will be Remote, but to my amusement, there were interviewers sitting in separate halls ready to take the interviews. There were around 10 separate Cabins. Then after 10 minutes of waiting, I was called by in one of the cabins.There were 2 Interviewers in my cabin initially. Me : Good Evening Sir. I1, I2 : Good Evening . Please take a seat. * I brought 3 copies of my Resume along with me so handed them 2 different copies. * * After taking a look at the resume* I1 : All of the projects that you’ve mentioned here . Are they from you as an individual or  you  contributed to them as a team member ? Me : *Told them about all my individual projects as well as the projects I did during my internship .* I1 : Tell me about any specific problem that you encountered during this project (points at one of my project). Me: *As that was my first project the struggle was real . Told them how the idea of the project came in my mind and the problems I ran into as a noob. * I2 : So You’ve mentioned You know Angular 2. Can You tell us the difference between Angular 2 and Angular 1.x ? Me: *Told them about the major differnces and elaborated about  TS, the Language used in Angular 2*. I2: Do you Know what is Two-way Binding in Angular 2 ? Me: *Answered* I2 : (Hands me a paper) Write suitable code for performing search for a specific input inside a table in Angular 2 . Me : *Wrote the Code for the Html and TS file*. I2 :  Explain the code as If I don’t know anything about the Angular Framework. Me : *Explained the code line by line*. I2 : (After taking a look at the resume again) So you’ve consumed APIs ??  Me :  Yes Sir. I2 : What is the full form of an API . Me : Application Program Interface. I2 : What are APIs and why do we use them ? Me : *Answered*. I2 : How Authentication is done in APIs ? Me : *Told them about OAuth*. I2 : Do you know about any other types of Authentication ? Me : No Sir. I2 : Do you Know how secure data transmission takes place between APIs and clients ? Me : *Answered*. I2 : What is  Encryption ? Me : *Answered* (Another Interviewer Joined  ) I3 : ( Without even looking at my resume )  What is Struct ? Me :  Sorry Sir, I don’t know much about structs in C but I can try.*tried but was unsure of the answer* I3 : Tell me about Global variable, local variable, formal parameter and actual parameter. Me : *Answered* I3 : Write a program for actual and formal parameter. Me: *Wrote the program in cpp*. (While I was writing the code I3 asked for my resume from I2 and takes a brief look ) I3: Is it Call by value or Call by reference. Me: Call by value. I3: Can you Convert it into Call By reference. Me: Sure sir. *Edited the code*. I3:  Ok. (looking at my Resume) Your past records indicate you are good at academics . There are chances that you will opt for Higher Studies. What If you plan to go for the Masters ? Me: Sir as of now I do not have any plans for Higher Studies. Securing a Job is my first Priority. I3: One Last Question . What If Microsoft Comes to Indore and offers you a job. What will you do then ? Me: *Answered* I2: Ok . So Have You appeared for any other exams or have any other technical achievements ? Me: *Told them* I2: That’all Devansh . have a Good Day. Me: Thank You Sir .

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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