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TEKsystems Interview Experience for Trainee Engineer

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I applied to TEKsystems through college. The total process went for a week, it consisted of 4 round in total that is:

  1. Aptitude round
  2. Group discussion
  3. Technical interview
  4. HR interview

Round 1 Aptitude round (Day 1 Duration 1 hr 30mins): This consists of numerical questions( refer geeksforgeeks and indiabix) ,few technical questions, verbal and 2 coding questions which were based on array and string operations.

I solved most of the Aptitude questions but could solve only one coding question (Alice and Bob i.e, a story based question on  even odd.)

The results were out by afternoon and GD was scheduled in the evening. Out of 300 students only 72 could make it to GD.

Round 2 Group Discussion(Day 1 Duration 30mins): This was a challenging round as they made 4 groups of 18 students each. The topic I was given was ZERO which was tricky as there were many students to speak. Key points to know are start 1st, be opportunistic and conclude really well. 

The results were out but 11:30pm at the end of the day and technical interview was scheduled on Friday and Monday. Out of 72 Approximately 25 students got shortlisted.

Round 3 Technical Interview (Day 4 Duration almost an hour): The interview was scheduled and there were 2 interviewers. They asked me introduce about myself which is one of the key point to know who well we communicate. The started the process immediately, then on of the interviewer started with the questions she asked me about my projects, I had done 3 projects during my college time so she asked me about 2 give a brief descriptive about the projects. She asked me how I my projects were better than the existing ones. Important tip :Do not put things which you don’t know in the resume because they’ll ask about everything. Then she asked me few basic python questions. She asked me approximately 20 questions.

  • The 2nd interviewer asked me open an editor to code; Fibonacci series in both iterative and recursive method. Factorial of a number. She asked me to trace it as well so I took an example and explained both.  Then she proceeded with basic string operation questions and looping questions.
  • After asking a few question the 1st interviewer asked me few hr questions, and 3 logical question and she asked questions on problem solving ability, critical thinking and leadership skills as I had mentioned in my resume.
  • Then the 2nd interviewer asked a few more questions on C, C++, python everything I had mentioned on my resume.

After the technical interview the results were out after 4 days my HR interview was scheduled. Only 5 students were shortlisted.

Round 4 HR interview(Day 7 Duration 20mins): This was the most relaxed HR interview. The interviewer was friendly and asked about my well-being. She asked me about my hobbies and questions apart from technical. 

The next day the results were out. 5 students were placed.

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Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2021
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