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Accenture Interview Experience for Application Development Associate 2023

Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2023
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I’m sharing the interview experience of Accenture Off campus for Application Development Associate.

Accenture offers two roles

  • Associate Software Engineer
  • Application Development Associate

The hiring process for both is almost the same, but the coding question in Application Development Associate is lil tough as compared to Associate Software Engineer, but both are easy.

The hiring process has four stages.

  • Cognitive Assessment And Technical Assessment
  • Coding Assessment
  • Communication round
  • Interview Round

1. Cognitive Assessment And Technical Assessment

This is the first round and it consists of 90 multiple choice questions in 90min.

It consists of the following topics:

  • Critical Reasoning And Problem-Solving – 18 questions.
  • Abstract Reasoning- 15 questions.
  • English -17 question
  • Pseudocode – 18 questions
  • Common Applications And MS Office – 12 questions
  • Network Security And Cloud – 10 questions

2. Coding Assessment

After completing the cognitive assessment you have to wait for 10 min in which they evaluate yours answer and if you qualify you’ll be directed to coding assessment immediately.

It consists of two coding questions one easy and one medium level which you’ll have to complete in 45 min of time.

In my case the questions were.

  • 1. Calculate the average of the numbers in an array if they are divisible by 3
  • 2. Number of cards needed to build a House of Cards of N level.

I was able to solve both questions in time, one question took 7-8 min, and 20 min for the second question.

3. Communication Round.

After completing the coding Assessment the test will end and in almost 20 min they will send you the result of the test.

I passed the coding assessment and then after 2-3 days, I got the mail for the Communication round.

The communication round is mainly about your listening and speaking skills and it takes around 20-30 min.

It was easy.

4. Interview Round.

After 3-4 days I received a mail regarding the interview slot. In my case, all the other slots were booked the only one available was

next day at 10 am.

  • The interviewer was friendly, he started with an introduction and my hobbies.
  • Strength And Weakness
  • Brief about my project, what was my role, how we divided the role.
  • Challenges you faced in your project and how you solve it
  • My least favorite and most favorite subject
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Verdict- Waiting for the result.

Thank you.

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