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PayPal interview experience | Set 4 (Internship + Full time Employee)

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First round (¬†online round) Conducted at hackerrank which had some 15 mcq technical questions and a program. Program asked was Maximum amongst minimum in sub arrays. I did 10/15 mcq questions correctly and got 12/13 test cases right. I checked these soon after the test so that in case if i was called for the in-person interview i will be well aware of how i performed in the online test….
  • What is encapsulation?
  • Given an inheritance hierarchy, how does encapsulation work here?
  • Does encapsulation really exist in OOPS or is it just conceptual? I was asked to explain with proper example and with clarity, which i think i failed to do.
Few questions were asked from the online round, the mcqs which i did wrongly was asked by him, but i was good enough to identify which all i did wrongly during the online test, and so explained him the correct ans when he asked me the same question again during the in-person interview. The questions asked in this round were mostly from my project. Many scenarios were given, and i was asked how well my project will work in the various scenarios; and was also asked to explain the in and out of project in-depth(I didn’t do this very well). Later i was asked to ask some questions, which i asked to make sure i impress the interviewer and let him know that i am serious about this company, so finally, he himself told me, he’s pushing me to round 2 and told me all the best for the same. Second Round ( Technical ) It was about a 15 NUMBER PUZZLE GAME. He asked me to design a data structure to implement that game. He asked me how to identify if the game has been won? And also, asked me to provide various solutions for the same(each of them more optimized than the previous…). I gave him around 3 solutions; Later he asked me questions based on my resume….And finally in my hobbies, i had “writing poems” as one of the hobby, so he asked me do you remember any of them? I told him, sir it isn’t actually a poem, but just for fun i used to write something and post in FB in childhood and just told few lines from a poem(acc. to me) to him, and he smiled(maybe it was funny..?) I was happy that i did this second round better than the first round, but was unlucky and was rejected after this round. (Maybe my answer was not what he expected)…  

Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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