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Written Test: First round was an online test on cocubes platform (not good for coding). This test is based on C, C++ and DS. The… Read More
Hi, PFB my on campus interview experience with Microsoft. Written Test: First round was an online test which contains 20 MCQs on C & C++.… Read More
Hi, a brief documentation of my Microsoft experience is as follows: Group Activity: On the evening before the interview we had a group activity round.… Read More
Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP): Given a set of cities and distance between every pair of cities, the problem is to find the shortest possible route… Read More
Given a stream of characters, find the first non-repeating character from stream. You need to tell the first non-repeating character in O(1) time at any… Read More
Hello everyone, I recently got selected for the internship at Microsoft IDC. GeeksForGeeks helped me a lot in preparing for the coding tests as well… Read More
Given k sorted arrays of size n each, merge them and print the sorted output.Example:   Input: k = 3, n = 4 arr[][] = { {1, 3,… Read More
A sorted array is rotated at some unknown point, find the minimum element in it. The following solution assumes that all elements are distinct. Examples:  Input:… Read More
Given a Binary Tree (BT), convert it to a Doubly Linked List(DLL). The left and right pointers in nodes are to be used as previous… Read More
Given three strings A, B and C. Write a function that checks whether C is an interleaving of A and B. C is said to… Read More
Given an input string and a dictionary of words, find out if the input string can be segmented into a space-separated sequence of dictionary words.… Read More
Given a linked list and two integers M and N. Traverse the linked list such that you retain M nodes then delete next N nodes,… Read More
I recently got interviewed for a position in Microsoft, following is my interview experience. Round 1 (Telephonic): Started with my introduction followed by my work… Read More
It is not just intelligence but intelligence coupled with inherent confidence is what makes a person truly remarkable. It is these truly remarkable people who… Read More
Write a function to detect if two trees are isomorphic. Two trees are called isomorphic if one of them can be obtained from other by… Read More