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KLA Tencor visited our campus in February. They took only Dual Degree(BTech + MTech) Computer Science students for the initial round. After the pre-placement talk,… Read More
First Round(Coding Round): This round was on hackerrank in our LAB. There were two coding questions, both from the Graph data structure and 90 minutes… Read More
Recently I was interviewed with KLA for Software Technical Lead position and here is my experience. Usually the interview process would include a hacker rank… Read More
Round 1: 18 Question :Includes Aptitude, Dbms, networks, C output(No Negative marking) 2coding Questions: 1.Find the Length of Largest region 1’s in Boolean Matrix.(20Marks)… Read More
Round 1 Online test on HackerRank contains 2 Coding Questions 1. Given a image represented as 2d array of 0 and 1, find the size… Read More
KLA Tencor came for Full Time recruitment for Associate Software Engineer in our campus. Round 1 Online test on HackerRank contains 20 MCQ (DS, C++,… Read More
Before my interview scheduled i tried but could not find any recent interview of KLA Tencor, so i am sharing my own to help you… Read More
  Given a singly linked list of characters, write a function that returns true if the given list is a palindrome, else false. Recommended: Please… Read More