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Microsoft IDC Interview Experience | Set 80 (For Internship)

Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2016
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Recently Microsoft visited our campus for IDC internship program and following is my interview experience.

Online MCQ Round: It consist of 15 MCQ Questions on was an easy round and consists of mainly output questions of c++/Java .
Apart from this some questions on OOPs and Operating Systems.

Online Coding Round:

Two coding problems in one hour,again on

1. Given two arrays of numbers. The numbers are from 0-9 you have two maximize the first array by using the elements from the second array.

the elements can be used only once.
   e.g. arr1[] = {5, 2, 3, 6, 7};
	arr2[] = {9, 2, 8, 4, 5};
You should output the modified arr1 as {9,8,5,6,7}

2.Given a matrix of characters and a word.
you have to count the number of occurrences of that word in that matrix. you can move to any of the eight valid directions from current position.

  e.g.  word="HELLO";
	matrix[][5] = { {'H','E','L','L','O'},
	output should be : 5
Now after a long one month break, they displayed the results.

I was lucky enough to get selected.
All other rounds were taken at Microsoft IDC hydrabad centre.

Elimination Round:

One Coding question was given to all the students ,You have to code and explain it.
You are given an string as input which represents a path. You have to normalize that path inplace(NO EXTRA SPACE).

	     input : "\a\b\c\..\..\file.txt"
	     output: "\a\file.txt"

Hint: Double dot(..) means you have to skip the previous parent.

Interview Round I:
Firstly,Tell me about yourself and some discussion on projects and what i have learnt till now.

Coding Question on pen & Paper: You have a Binary tree having numbers>=0 and a numeber N.
Print all downwards paths from any node having the sum of elements equal to N.
I gave a simple recursive algorithm then he ask me to optimize, then after around 10 min i gave him another solution a little bit optimized. He again ask me to optimize more. I tried but can’t do more optimisation ,So he ask me write code and said the main purpose of the interview is to write the correct code.

Interview Round II:
The interviewer asked me what i have done in technical till now, and saw my resume for a while, then gave me a question which i have to code and explain.
You have a cuboid (m*n*p) each block of the cuboid is having a metallic ball.
Now we are passing X-ray from front face and getting a bool matrix1 of m*p the elements are set if there is a black spot.(as we are passing X-ray) and another matrix2 of n*p by passing X-ray from right face.
Now you have to print the co-ordinate (i,j,k) where mettallic balls are present.
Is it possible to get the accurate result from given data or you need more data. If you need more data then what data you need ?

I explained my approach to him , made a code and asked him to provide me more data ( The m*n matrix ) to get the more accurate result.

A Big Thanks to GeeksForGeeks.

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