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Gameskraft came to our college for an Internship cum Placement. All students who applied got the online test link, there was no resume shortlisting. There… Read More
There is a one-dimensional garden of length N. In each position of the N length garden, a fountain has been installed. Given an array a[]such… Read More
Round 1 (Coding Round): There were 3 coding questions Given three strings A, B, C where A and B have the same length n. Find… Read More
The company visited our campus Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology on 29th July, 2020. The Pre-placement talk was conducted on the same day where… Read More
Recently, Gameskraft Technologies Pvt Ltd. a startup founded by Prithvi Singh (NSIT) along with his friends and expert professionals from many companies like Grofers, Codenation,… Read More