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Codenation Interview Experience (2020 Graduate)

Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2020
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Codenation offers one of the best processes, testing the overall knowledge of the candidate. Interviewing with Codenation is always an experience to remember. I was interviewed for the SDE Role.

Round 1: Coding Round

Codenation hires through CodeAgon, the yearly online coding event. It comprises of a good set of problems. There were 6 problems in the contest. I was able to solve 5 problems to proceed further. It is one of the best coding rounds I have ever given.

Round 2: Resume Discussion (30 Minutes)

Codenation likes to call this as Round 0. They check whether the person is good enough to go ahead with the further interview process or not. This round involves detailed discussion of your resume and projects you have done. You must be prepared for any kind of question on anything written in your resume. Most people are screened out in this round itself.

Round 3: Data Structures and Algorithms round (75 Minutes)

In this round, you are given 2 problems to solve. You clear this round if you are able to solve both the problems.

Question 1: I do not remember this. It was based on arrays and I was able to solve this.

Question 2: The problem was similar to Painter’s Partition problem. It was not same but used a similar approach.


Round 4: Discussion Round (75 Minutes)

This round involved a detailed discussion of the project. I was asked to discuss my best projects, internship work, and everything mentioned in my resume. I was cross-questioned on each and every small detail of the project. So be prepared to answer anything on your project.

For each project you have mentioned, you must be clear about:

1. The aim of the project.

2. How the project is better than the existing work done in that field?

3. How can you improve the work further?

Round 5: Director Round (30 Minutes)

This was the best experience of the entire process. This round was taken by the Director of Engineering. It was a sort of abstract problem-solving round in which he wanted me to think about different use cases for the given problem. My problem was:

You have design a system that searches the web for user-uploaded images and finds the images that are best for the website of McDonald’s. He wanted me to identify features that I will look in the image.

My answer was to look for following things in the image:

1. The logo of McDonald’s.

2. Try to include people from each age group in order to depict that McDonald’s is a place for people of all ages.

3. Try to include images depicting staff serving the people.

4. Images depicting pleasant ambience/surroundings.

5. Images depicting Happy people.

He asked me to discuss implementation of each feature.

Next, he asked me to discuss a project which was not discussed in the rounds before.

Verdict: Selected!

Additional Comments:

This was my 5th attempt for Codenation. It is one of the most difficult process. I was not able to clear the coding round 2 times and was not able to reach Round 3 for the rest of the times. But it is always a good experience.




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