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Tableau – File System

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Although it is very easy to use Tableau, there is a lot going behind the scene. There are many different file types that support the smooth working of Tableau. This structure of files makes it easy and reliable to perform the visualisation tasks. The types of Tableau files are listed as –

Tableau Workbook (.twb):

These kind of files stores visualization without the source data. It means the user can visualize the data using different charts and store it in the workbook but can not store the data along with the visualization. To open a workbook – Go to File > Open > Select Workbook. The workbook can also be present on your dashboard as in the image shown below.

Tableau Data Source (.tds):

It works opposite to the Tableau workbook, it stores the data but only a link without the visualization attached. It stores the password, server-address and any other information required to access the data source.

Tableau Bookmark (.tbm):

It is a very useful file type. It stores a connection to a workbook in another Tableau Workbook. So, if the user has already created a visualization in one workbook then there is no need to recreate it in another workbook.

Tableau Data Extract (.tde):

It stores the Tableau data as a filtered and aggregated extract. So even if the source data files have thousands of rows of data, you can store the summary version of it.

Tableau Package Workbook (.twbx):

It stores the extracted data and visualization for viewing in Tableau or Tableau Reader.

Last Updated : 19 Apr, 2020
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