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Replacing data source in Tableau

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Tableau is a commercially available software used in business intelligence to visualize data interactively and understand and deal with it better. It is used for data analysis to finally help draft plans or inferences a company may need to understand themselves.

A data source in the tableau is a collection of tables which can be analyzed together as per requirement. 

Step-by-step Approach

  • Open Application
  • Load dataset to be replaced

  • Select Data

  • Select Add New Source

  • A dialog box to load another dataset will appear

  • Load data source to replace the existing one

  • Again go to Data
  • Select Replace Data Source

  • A dialog box will appear, first enter the name of the data source to be replaced then enter the name of the data source to be replaced with.

  • Press OK

After the replacement you may notice a red exclamation mark in front of some fields, this is the indication that these fields have no meaning or value for second data source.

Last Updated : 02 Feb, 2021
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