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Difference Between Google Data Studio vs Tableau

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Data visualization is an integral part used for digital marketing and digital analytics market in today’s world. Interactive data visualization, that comprises of the ease of use, simplified communication among the company’s various departments, and the power to concise huge amount of data into convenient and easy-to-read visuals.

Both Google Data Studio and Tableau are great data visualization tool used by industries all around the world for Business analysis and Business Intelligence.

Google Data Studio: The GDS is a powerful reporting solution for its users that enhances the data analysis experience by the introduction of various tools that makes it easy to use and present data in beautiful visual form.

Tableau: Tableau is a powerful tool for data visualization used in the Business Intelligence Industry. It enables the simplification of raw data into a very easily understandable format.

The below table highlights the key difference between Google data studio and Tableau;

Basis of comparison Google Data Studio Tableau
Introduction It is a Data Visualization utility created by Google and launched in 2016 It is a Data Visualization utility created by Salesforce company and launched in May 2013
Use GDS is primarilyused for building dashboard for data visualization with limited resources and tools Tableau is primarily used for evaluating data, then mixing it with other resources to yield meaningful visual data, which are done on multiple-levels
Security It provides features like access sharing and password protection that makes it highly secure It has a simple to use but reliable access sharing feature in contrast with the salesforce password protection system
Performance It has limited number of tools as compared to that of Tableau but google is highly investing in its performance enhancement and introduction of new visualization tools It is the worlds leading visualization utility and is highly recommended due to its performance excellence
Cost This is a Free to use service that only requires a gmail account. Tableau online and public is a free of cost service but its desktop version can cost from $35-$70
limitations Limited number of data resources can be connected at once More than 60+ connections with various data resources can be achieved in Tableau
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Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2020
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