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Shell India – Campus Placements 2019

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Round -1 The round 1 was conducted on the Mettl Platform. The first round was an online test which consisted of three sections. 1. Aptitude Section consisting of 20 aptitude questions. 2. Technical question consisting of 15 questions From Advance DBMS Concept, Other questions were find the output and a few questions were related to OS and Network. 3. The third section was a coding section with 2 questions and a total time of 45 minutes. The questions were logical/Mathematical and difficulty level was moderate once the problem statement is understood. Round -2 A total of 40 students were selected after the technical round.This round was the personal interview round. It was a Skype interview. The interviewers were from the Shell India’s Bangalore Office. The duration of interview per candidate was about 45min – 1hr. The interview was a combination of Technical + HR questions. The interview began with a Tell me about yourself question. The Technical Section was completely based on the project work I had done. I was asked a bunch of questions from SQL. There were Questions from JAVA related to the basic concepts of abstraction vs. encapsulation, OOPS concept etc. There were another set of questions on PHP since I had my internship based on that. There were some questions related to my machine learning project. The Personality Judgement Round was very interesting. In this round they gave me situations and I had to answer them in a STAR format using a background story. Ques 1: Give an example of a time when you had to work with someone with a very different personality than yours.How did you handle it? Ques 2 :Give us an example of a time when you had a project with complex data and how did you handle it? The answer they expect is a background story in which you are the hero of the story and how did you handle the situation. After this there was a basic HR round with questions like – Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses. – Family Background etc. 20 students were selected finally.Over all I would say that the level of interview was moderate.You should be confident while answering and must have a thorough knowledge of every thing written on your resume. Good Luck for your placements !!

Last Updated : 21 Jun, 2022
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