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Project Idea – Walk Partner

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Walk Partner – kind of an application everybody needs these days in this global village. Technically, You have to register yourself on the app. It will track your location and connect you with the walking enthusiasts around your region. You can connect with the suitable partner according to their profile and your common interests and have a happy experience with new friends and chit-chats! For connecting, there will be various features mentioned below.


Anyone who is willing to walk and needs a partner with common interests can use this application across the globe. It is not limited to any boundaries. Every person who uses the internet can create their profile and location and find their suitable partner within the distance one decides. They can connect on the app and can decide the place to catch up. Today youth is more focused on health. This application will promote a healthy lifestyle among all age groups. The features contain organizing events for the group or public events which will affect our society at a significant level.


There are multiple interesting features of this application. Like,

  1. User Profile: Profile will contain MUST FIELDS like gender, age, purpose, intended time duration for walking, and description.
  2. Common Interests: Profiles have to select at least five interests that will be used in the recommendation system for suggesting profiles
  3. Live Location: People can connect to their common interest having profile within their region and their intended region
  4. Chat & Call: After connecting to their suitable profile, one can get to know their corresponding partner via chat or call and come to know if one has matched with the correct profile or not
  5. Online or Offline: If the user is using the app, the status will be online so that one can connect with others who are willing to walk at the moment
  6. Intended Walking Duration: This will include the profiles with the same intended walking durations, common interests, and activities to do
  7. Live Events: App will update a user about any live events going on in the city regarding health where the user can join or participate
  8. Event Organization: User can organize their own event or campaign related to the improvement of health
  9. Group Activities: If the user wants to make a group of people one is walking with every day and arrange some group activities

Process Flow Diagram

Process Flow Diagram


At the initial stage, the primary goal is to connect as many walkers as possible so that users can get a wide range of companions. The ultimate goal will be to make everyone aware of the health benefits of walking by giving them an initial catch and using this user registration, making everyone walk according to their preference across the globe. After implementation, this will be a great app to look for and it will make our globe a better place to live.

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Last Updated : 13 Mar, 2022
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