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Oracle MTS Interview Experience for Server Technology | On-Campus 2020

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Online Round: This round was held on Oracle’s own platform and consisted of many sections such as.

  • Mathematics and Logical reasoning
  • Verbal ability and comprehension
  • CS fundamentals
  • DS/Algo(flow chart completion, function-related, etc)

All the sections had fixed timing and students can’t revisit any questions. The time allotted was 107 min and had almost 1 minute per MCQ.  

After this 37 students were shortlisted for interviews.

Technical Interview I: My interview started with a brief introduction from both ends, and then we discussed my internship in summer. Then 8-10 questions related to DBMS(query as well as theory) and DS mostly. After this, the interviewer asked me about the coding language I am comfortable in and gave a coding question that was to be solved on codepen.

The questions in this round were easy and this round lasted around 40-45 mins.

Technical Interview II: In this round the discussion with a coding question, I gave a brute force solution, and then he asked me to optimize it. I was needed to code for both scenarios. After this, we began a discussion on my summer internship and I explained to him thoroughly about it. He then asked some questions on caches(my internship had worked on cache) then he asked me about LRU, what DS will be suitable for it, and he asked me to explain the implementation of LRU. In the end, he asked me if I had any questions. 

This was the longest round and lasted around 55 mins.


  1. Rearrange negative and positive numbers I alternating order
  2. LRU

Senior Director Interview: This round was technical only and the interviewer asked me two puzzles. I had to write the question on codepen and show my approach there. He did not even allow me to explain my solution but focused on the thought process typed on the screen. I got confused in the 2nd puzzle, and he cleared my doubts. In the end, he asked me if had any questions.

 This was the shortest round for me and lasted around 30-35 mins.


  1. Calculate total distance travelled by bee 
  2. Find the bag containing imperfect coins

Note: All coding questions were needed to code from scratch. Interviews were conducted through the Zoom app.

Tip: Try to keep the interviewers engaged as much as you can and be confident in your answers but don’t try to force a wrong answer or solution. Practice more and more on GFG for puzzles and DS/Algo.

In the end, 4 students were offered a Full-time position as MTS(server technology) and I was one of them.

Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2020
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