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Oracle Interview Experience | Server Technology Role Full Time (On-Campus Sept 2020)

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Oracle came to our campus in Sept 2020, for a server technology profile. All rounds were audio and video proctored. The entire interview process was on zoom meetings. It was a very smooth virtual experience. There were counter rooms inside zoom meetings for post and pre-interview sessions.

Round 1 – It was an online test consisting of four sections. Each of these sections had a different time limit. One must be very quick and efficient to solve all these questions. The overall difficulty was medium.

Section 1. Aptitude – It had questions based on: Basic Arithmetic Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Patterns.

Section 2. Language – It had questions based on: Comprehension, Sentence reordering, Grammatical error, Synonyms & Antonyms.

Section 3. Coding MCQ –  It had questions based on: Code snippet, identify the output or error, time complexity. (most of them was on trees, graph, and searching techniques)

Section 4. Computer Science Subjects –  It had questions based on: DBMS, Data Structures, OS, OOD

Round 2 – technical interview round 1

1. Started with asking about some questions on C like what are register and auto, the difference between malloc and calloc.

2. Program to find out the process id and parent process id.

3. Questions on OOP concepts.

4. What is synchronization, why do we need synchronization. Write a program(in any language) where some threads are trying to read a common buffer and some are trying to write it. Now if the buffer is empty the read threads should be blocked until a write thread writes something and the write threads are blocked if the buffer is full until a read thread reads(delete) a character from the buffer.

5. Now the interviewer asked about my favorite data-structure(I said tree). Then he asked to write a program to build BST given preorder. And then write a function to check if it is balanced and BST using constant space.

Round 3 – technical interview round 2

1. Explain the concept of paging.

2. Explain the concept of virtual memory.

3. What is thrashing?

4. Given an almost sorted array sort it efficiently  

5. Given an array {1,2,3,1,2,1,5,6} find the smallest number occurring at least k number of times. Expected time and space O(n). Here for k=2 output is 1.

Round 4 – technical interview round 3

1. What is multithreading and multiprocessing? When to use multithreading/multiprocessing?

2. Consider a college example where admins trying to modify grades of students and students trying to read their info. Now how to synchronize so that no student reads the wrong info and where to use multithreading/multiprocessing here?

3. How are the tables stored in the database to provide fast search/read operations?

4. Given the rate of electricity for the different range of unit consumption. Now given a consumption, find the cost of it.

Eg.     [0,100)              100rs/unit

       [100,300]             150rs/unit

       (300,1000]           200rs/unit

        >1000                250rs/unit

Now given a consumption of 2543 units, find its cost.

5. How will you implement auto-complete like showing the possible words for the interred characters?

Round 5 – HR/technical interview round 4

Discussion about the projects mentioned in the resume. I wasn’t asked any puzzle problem but I would recommend reading the starting 44 puzzles listed in the puzzle section at  (It’ll hardly take one-two days).

Some tips:

1. Be loud.

2. Sit properly so that you are clearly visible in the webcam.

3. Be calm even if the situation is not going well.

Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2020
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