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Oracle Interview Experience for MTS (Server Technology) | On-Campus 2021

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Oracle came to our campus for Member of Technical Staff FTE positions for Server Technology profile

Round 1: Online Test

  • The test was conducted on their own platform with the camera proctored.
  • There were three sections in the test.
  • Software applications: I remember there were flowchart-based questions. Basically an algorithm was given in a flowchart manner and you have to fill the missing parts in algorithm
  • CS fundamentals: There were lots of questions from AVL and red black trees. There were questions from other CS core subjects as well
  • Aptitude: There were questions based on mathematics, reasoning, logical ability.
  • All the sections had individual time limits for them. Also, you were not allowed to move back to previous questions once answered.

Round 2: Interview Round 1 Technical

  • The interviewer asked me to introduce myself
  • He asked DBMS questions after that.
  • NoSQL vs SQL
  • ACID properties
  • CAP theorem
  • He then moved to coding questions. A code pair link was given to me.
  • Questions: Find the minimum length of the square which will fit n rectangles with w width and h height. Rotation of rectangle is not allowed.
  • I solved the questions in a brute force manner. He then asked the time complexity for it and also code it.
  • After that, He told me whether we can improve the algorithm. I was not able to give an optimized approach.
  • Then he told me do you have any questions. I asked him about the optimized approach. He told me to tell you that.
  • After few minutes, a Binary search clicked me because of the monotonous nature of the brute force approach. He told me to code this up and run for sample test cases.
  • Then he again asked me that do you have any questions for me. I asked about his responsibilities at Oracle. And then the interview was over.
  • The interviewer was very friendly. It was like a discussion rather than an interview.

Round 3: Interview Round 2 Technical

  • After going through my resume, Interviewer asked me about where I interned.
  • He then told me what did you do in my internship. What were your responsibilities?
  • He then asked questions about the projects I mentioned.
  • What are threads? What is the memory structure for a thread?
  • Let us say you have a multi-threaded program. There is a main program that creates two threads. How many stacks will be there? What will be shared and non shared between threads?
  • TCP vs UDP
  • Three-way handshake mechanism
  • Why do we use UDP instead of TCP although it is more reliable
  • Coding questions: Insert a number after the kth position in a doubly-linked list. I needed to share an IDE in this interview.
  • Again he started to ask questions from his resume. He told us you have mentioned a lot of technologies – react, angular, spring boot. Which one would you pick for frontend and backend?
  • Follow-up question: A lot of people build stuff using PHP. Why do you think it is so?
  • He also asked me that which field fascinates you most among web/app dev, machine learning, cloud, etc.
  • The interviewer was very friendly. It was like a discussion rather than an interview.

Round 4: Interview Round 3 Managerial

  • The interviewer had more than 30 years of experience in the software field. He was in a director’s position in the company. He told me that he will ask questions speedily. He may stop me and continue to the next question sometimes if he thinks he got the points from my answer he needed. He made me super comfortable before the questions.
  • He asked me the following questions (the questions were asked in a different order. I wrote it as I remembered)
  • Tell me about yourself in 2 minutes.
  • Your biggest bold achievement
  • Describe your one failure and how did you tackle it
  • A new task is given about which you do not know anything, how will you approach
  • Let us say you win crores from the KBC show, how will you spend the money
  • What is success for you?
  • An article or blog that you read recently that changed your perspective about the world
  • Qualities you will look for in candidates as an interviewer
  • A new feature in Twitter I want to add and how will you add it
  • Constructive feedback for the interviewer
  • Why should I hire you
  • How is the oracle’s image till now
  • A new initiative which is not already there that you will take for diversity in IT
  • A change in your college that you want
  • Why did you choose computer science?
  • What you learned from badminton that is different from other games
  • Badminton only for fun? Why didn’t you pursue it in a sports competition?
  • What do you want to unlearn?
  • It was a super friendly interview.
  • I just expressed my situations/experiences/thoughts without building up any false stories.
  • In the end, he told me do you have any questions for me. I asked about his responsibilities in the company.

Tips: I would what I did in the interviews which I thought are helpful for a positive impact in the interview.

  • I was energetic and confident with a slight positive smile on my face in my interviews.
  • Learn about the company and most importantly its core values. Align your answers with these values but at the same time be authentic in them.
  • Read the past experiences for sure. I have gauged by reading from past experiences that they ask coding questions from linked lists mostly. Hence I was totally prepared with the tricks of linked list questions.
  • Go through your resume and prepare questions around whatever you have mentioned in it.
  • Be calm in the interview and give them a positive mindset of cracking it for sure.

Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021
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