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Oracle FTE Interview Experience for Server Technology 2020

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Recently Oracle visited Banasthali Vidyapeeth for hiring FTEs of 2021 batch and interns of 2020 batch for the position of Member of Technical Staff (Server Technology). Although I didn’t get selected for the position but reached the final stage of the interview. So, thought to share my experience to help all the Freshers and interns whoever is aspiring for ORACLE

There was a total of 4 rounds :

Round 1(Written Round): It was an online MCQ round for around 120 minutes. Exam was mainly divided into 5 sections:

  • Aptitude
  • Coding skills
  • English
  • CS core subjects questions (OS, DBMS, DS)
  • Software Engineering

From around 800 students 40 were selected

Round 2 (Technical Interview): My interviewer was really supportive and kind. He asked me to code for questions given below:

  1. Find which mechanic is nearest to the user according to his current location. This was typically a Geocoding related question which was a part of my ongoing project.

  2. Group the anagrams from the list of Strings


    Input: [cat, tca, perk, prke, tac]
    Output: [cat, tca, tac], [perk, prke]
  3. Print the left view of the tree

Round 3 (Technical Interview):

  1. Which data structure should we used to make a phone dictionary?
  2. Model a system of doctor and patient records so that there is no redundancy in the table. (DBMS related question).

Round 4(HR + Technical): 

  1. Asked which Operating System I use then bombarded with many questions related to RAM, IP address, how can u see your computer’s IP address, what are the other things that are mentioned with the IP address on your laptop.
  2. If u ping to Google from your laptop and it fails then how will you troubleshoot this problem.
  3. Speak for about 1 minute on any topic of the operating system.
  4. What do you know about Oracle? The goal of life and some other hr related questions.

And the interview ends here…..

The interview started at 10 A.M and ends at 4:30 P. M with half an hour break for the lunch.

Last Updated : 14 Oct, 2020
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