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Oracle Interview Experience for Server Technology Full Time Role | Virtual On-Campus 2020

Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2020
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Oracle visited our campus for virtual hiring for two roles –

  • Server Technology Role and Application Engineer Role.
  • Around 500 students appeared for the online test.

Online test(107 mins):

  • Firstly they conducted an online test on their own platform which was proctored (Camera and Mic).
  • The test consisted of many sections and each section has subsections that had a fixed amount of time for attempting.
  • Aptitude, DSA Concepts(mainly trie, AVL, binary search tree), CS subjects theory from OS, DBMS, OOP’s, Software Engineering. And some English based aptitude and reasoning.

Around 90 students were shortlisted. I was selected for the interview of server technology.

Due to this pandemic, the interviews were held on the Zoom platform.

Technical Interview 1 (55 minutes):

  1. Tell me about yourself? Firstly the interviewer introduced himself.
  2. He asked me some questions related to my resume like about chess, how did you spend your time in the lockdown, where are you from and what do you like about that place.
  3. Now he asked me what all data structures I knew?
  4. He asked me to code Djikstra Algorithm on CoderPad
  5. Then he said that he will be asking me some questions based on DSA. He wanted me to answer the most optimized approach that I knew.
    • Stack vs Queue? Binary Tree? Binary Search Tree? Graphs?
    • Reverse a Linked List? (Approach only)
    • Find the cycle in Linked list? (Approach only)
    • How to implement stack using a linked list? (Approach only)
    • Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Search Tree? (Approach only)
    • Find the smallest element in a rotated sorted array? (Since I Fumbled in explaining verbally, he wanted me to code this at the end. ( On CoderPad)
    • Explain all oop’s concept with examples – Inheritance, Aggregation, Abstraction, Overriding, Overloading, Encapsulation.
    • ACID property? Transaction? Paging?
    • How will prevent data loss due to some natural calamity?
  6. He then asked me to brief about my projects!

Around 40 students were eliminated after this round out of the 90.

Technical Interview 2 (40 minutes):

  1. Top View of the tree (To code)
    • Using Hashing with distance from root horizontally.
  2. Validate Binary Search Tree? (To code)
  3. What are the things I know in Computer Networks? and asked some questions?
    1. NAT?
    2. What are the things that happen when you click on your browser!
      • Suggestion – Read chapter 6.7 from the Top-Down Approach in Networking?
  4. What is normalization? 3NF?
  5. He then asked me two puzzles- I was able to solve one of them only.
  6. Then I asked him two questions
    1. What is the difference between Server technology and Application Engineer?
    2. What kept you here at Oracle?

Technical Interview 3 (40 minutes):

  1. Evaluate Postfix expression (To Code)
  2. Evaluate Polynomial Expression (Approach only)
  3. Multiply ‘x’ with ’17’ without using ‘*’ (Approach only)
  4. (Approach only)
  5. Java VS Python VS C++ VS C
  6. Virtual Function and Operator overloading
  7. He asked about my day to day life in college and how it changed after the lockdown!

I asked him a question since he was a senior technical member of the company~ What kept you here at Oracle for 15 years?

Around 30 students, gave their 4th round and some were selected after the 3rd round only.

HR Round (10 minutes):

  1. Tell me about yourself that’s not on your resume?
  2. How were all your rounds?
  3. Why Oracle?
  4. Apart from Databases what else do you know about Oracle?
  5. Any Questions? ~ COVID and Precovid work-life changes? If Selected how should I work in my final year any roadmap or suggestions?

Read about the company from their site, and LinkedIn before the hr round.

Result – Selected

All the best! 🙂

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