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Oracle GBU Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 24 Nov, 2021
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Oracle GBU came to hire an Associate Software Engineer/ Application Developer from our campus in August 2021 and the whole process was virtual.

The whole process had 5 rounds with 2 online tests and 3 interviews.

Round 1: Online test 

  • MCQ’s were based on aptitude, code output, OS. The test was conducted on Oracle’s pro aptitude platform. No coding questions were asked in this round.

Only 116 students were able to clear this round.

Round 2: Online test 

2 coding questions were asked in this round

53 students out of 116 cleared this round.

Round 3: Tech interview

The interview took place in zoom. Started off with each other’s introduction. 

The questions in this round were:

  1. Difference between Thread and Process.
  2. What are OSI layers?
  3. Coding question: Input was “world hello” and the output should be “Hello World”.
  4. Coding question: Input was “hello world” and the output should be “HeLlO WoRlD”.
  5. How do 2 programs communicate?

       There was some discussion about my resume and the interviewer asked some questions about my projects.

This round lasted for 45 minutes.

Round 4: Tech interview

Started off with each other’s introduction. The questions in this round were:

  1. Difference between C++ and JAVA.
  2. DBMS Query: Display departments that have at least 6 employees with salaries greater than 7000.
  3. I have mentioned my favorite course was DS. So, I was asked some questions related to DS.
  4. Which is better, Linked list or Array?
  5. Real-time examples of Stack and Queue.
  6. What is Segmentation?
  7. What is Paging?
  8. What is Virtual Memory?
  9. What is Dead Lock?

Some discussion related to my projects. This round too lasted for around 45 minutes.

Round 5: HR

This is my favorite round since the interviewer was so friendly and I was asked some HR questions. I was also asked about my interests and future plans. I had some doubts, interviewer cleared all of them.

Finally, 15 students were recruited and I’m one among them.


  • For the online test, skip the questions you think might consume more than 2 minutes if you can revisit them again. Time management is most crucial in this round.
  • Practice DSA questions in C++ even if you are fluent in Python.
  • It is always “Okay” to ask for help in the interview, they don’t expect us to be experts. They just want to know our approach to the problem statement.
  • Don’t lose your cool, be confident and maintain a smile throughout the interview.

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