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Amdocs Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer (On-Campus) 2022

Last Updated : 25 Oct, 2022
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Amdocs visited our college to recruit freshers for the role of software engineering associate. The whole recruitment process had 2 rounds of online assessment and 2 rounds of face-to-face interviews.

Online assessment: Round 1(Technical): This round consisted of MCQ and coding questions divided into multiple sections:

  • Quantitative
  • Verbal reasoning
  • CS fundamentals
  • Coding:
    • 1 medium DSA question.
    • 1 medium SQL query. 
    • 1 hard DSA question.
    • 1 easy SQL query.

26 Students cleared this round out of 50.

Round 2(Psychometric): A 15 mins round consisting of 50 MCQs for personality assessment. It was a non-elimination round.

Face-to-face Interviews: The interviews were held online mode.

Round 1(Technical): This was a 40-50 minute round. Some questions asked were

  1. What do you know about the role you are applying for?
  2. What is software engineering?
  3. Searching Algorithms
  4. Traversal Algorithms
  5. Some questions were related to Machine Learning
  6. How many types of Learning are there in ML?
  7. Database management System
  8. Difference between data Structures and DBs.
  9. About Algorithms also asked.
  10. What is an Operating System? What is do?
  11. External and Internal Fragmentation
  12. Different types of joint operations.
  13. Primary and foreign keys.
  14. Why do we normalize tables in RDBMS? Advantages and disadvantages.
  15. The remaining Questions were related to technology used in projects

We didn’t know how many students are selected for HR Round as they were sending emails to selected students about the HR round.

Round 2(HR): Asked some basic questions about me, my family, my studies, and my life and some other basic HR questions like why you want to join Amdocs. Your strength and weaknesses.

This round was about 10-15 minutes long.

Finally, 12 students(including me) were selected. It was a  great experience with Amdocs and I am very delighted to join Amdocs.

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