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Oracle Interview Experience for Associate Consultant 2021

Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021
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Round 1: Online Test

  • It had different sections such as quantitative, logical reasoning, English vocabulary & technical section consisting of basic questions from OOPS, DBMS, OS & JAVA. It was around 90 mins.

Around 200 students gave the exam & about 24 were selected for the interview rounds.

Round 2: Technical Interview

Time: 45 mins.

  • First I was asked to introduce myself. Then some questions on my resume ( skills, internships & mostly about projects that I had done). I was asked to write a basic code for a problem. I was also asked to draw the logistical structure of an Operating System.
  • Then there was another question to write a query on some SQL problem statement. I was then asked to explain some basic concepts of OOPS. There were some HR questions like “Why should Oracle hire you” & “Who is your favorite cricketer & why”.

Round 3: Technical + HR

Time: 25 minutes

  • Here I was mostly asked about the projects mentioned in the resume. I was asked to run them on my pc & show it to them while sharing the screen.
  • A lot of questions were asked on why is the project required in our society & is it feasible. Then I was asked a lot of HR questions on which is my dream company, why I am not joining there, what was my JEE rank, why did I choose my college.

Verdict: Accepted


  • Just be calm & confident. It is okay not to be able to answer some questions as long as you are composed.

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