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Oracle Interview Experience for Associate Consultant (Java Developer)

Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2021
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I have applied in oracle careers page 2 years ago when I was a fresher. 

All of sudden HR calls me and tells that your profile is selected for one of our position in Oracle CGBU (Communications Global Business Unit).

She asked tell me about yourself and how much your expecting (She was filling info to send it desired managers I think).

They said there will be three rounds . First two rounds will be technical and third will be managerial round.

Meeting was on zoom link was send by WhatsApp.

Preparation I did : Though I was 2 years experience I was not sure what would be asked they asked which technology you prefer Java or C++.

I opted for Java as I was working in java in my current company.

Round 1(Technical Interview about 50min): Interviewer was friendly he first introduced himself that he had an experience of 5 years, 3years in some other company and 2 years in ORACLE OSS.  

He started with “Introduce yourself and how you landed to current company?” 

All questions were on experienced based


1.  What has you developed in your current company .’ 

-Answer I gave: SFTP functionality fetching files from remote server to local server.

2. What you used for implementing it?

Answer: Used maverick jar and its api’s.

3.What more? 

Answer: Json parsing and formatting capabilty from json to text and text to json.

4. What you used to implement the same ?

Answer: Jackson jar .

He gave hints sometimes if not remember something like for json parsing he suggested “Was SAX parser used?”

5.Do you know collections? ArrayList, Hashset. Do Hashset allow duplicate value entry?

6.Have you used Lambda expressions, streams? How you implement streams?

7.What are cursor? How you define cursor? Types of cursor?

8.Do you have installed OS by yourself? –This question because I wrote RHEL in my resume.

9.Do you write DB queries by yourself or consult DBA in current project? Do you joins? Type of joins.

10. Query for selecting a column?

11.Find a file from unix/linux? find command

12.Creating a new file in unix/linux? vi or touch.

13. Find a expression from files on unix/linux? grep

From resume he asked you have knowledge for CI/CD what you know about ansible?

I have wrote yml files to automate the installation process and fast deployment of project.

Result : Not selected


You should brush up OOPs concept

Advance concept of java as I mentioned above.

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