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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 42 (OFSS for Associate Consultant)

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Oracle Financial Services Software(OFSS) visited our campus for Associate Consultant profile.

There were 3 rounds:
1) Online Test
There were questions related to:
– Aptitude
– Computer science subjects like OS, DBMS, OOPs, DS.
– Output questions on AVL, BST, C++.
– Flow chart problems.
– Reading Comprehensions and some basic grammar questions.

This round was easy, but lengthy.
Questions were average, so manage time accordingly.

2) Technical Interview
– Tell me about yourself.
– What is process in OS?
– Difference between Java and C++.
– Multi-threading in Java?
– What is object-oriented programming?
– What is Linked list?
– Difference between Union and Join.
– Asked me to write a Query, given two tables.. (don’t remember the exact scenario but query involves using join operation).
– What is SDLC? Explain it.
– Project Discussion.
– Asked me to explain my project again through SDLC phases(mostly discussion on the requirement gathering phase).
– What is a function?
– What is testing?
– What is unit testing?
– How you have done testing in your project?

3) HR interview
– Tell me about yourself?
– What attracts you most towards IT?
– What are your strengths and weaknesses?
– What problems you have faced so far in your life and how you have tackled them?
– Why Oracle?
– How long you are planning to work with us?
– How you see yourself after 5 years?
– Any questions you have?
Some questions i asked were location preference, joining date and many other doubts.

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Last Updated : 10 Dec, 2016
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