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Microsoft Azure – Enable Windows Performance Counters in Azure for Monitoring

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  • Last Updated : 29 Dec, 2021

Log Analytics is an Azure service that collects and stores information/data from a set of different sources and we can use Log Analytics queries to retrieve records that match particular criteria, identify trends, analyze patterns, and provide a variety of insights into our data.  

Collect windows performance counters from Log Analytics agents at custom intervals to gain insight into the performance of hardware components, operating systems, and applications.


Step 1: Log in to Azure Portal.

Step 2: Access the Log Analytics Workspace >> Select your Log Analytics.

Step 3: After selecting the select Log Analytics Workspace, Navigate to Settings >> Agents Configuration.

Step 4: Select Windows Performance Counters >>You can start with the recommended performance counters by clicking on Add recommended counters or using the add button to add a new performance counter.

Step 5: Click on + Add Performance Counter >> Select the Performance Counter name

Step 5: After adding the required Performance Counter name, click on Apply to make the changes.

That’s it. You are done. At this point, we have successfully enabled Windows Performance Counters in Azure for Monitoring.

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