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Microsoft Azure – Customizing Azure Dashboard Tiles

Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2023
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In this article, we’ll learn how you can customize your Azure dashboard by moving around the tiles. In the Azure portal, we can easily customize the look on our dashboard by simply moving our tiles around. 

So let’s say we wanted to have the below-shown resource group be the first tile inside our dashboard. 

We could grab it, we could move it over to the left. 

Notice how our dashboard has changed, and we are now in Edit mode

So, we could do things like we could change the name of our dashboard.

 Another thing that we could do is if let’s say we want a particular tile to take up more space. We can have this take up as much, or as little space as we want it to. This will resize our tile as per our need.

When we are done customizing we could hit “Done customizing”. 

Not only that but we can actually create a new dashboard by clicking on the New dashboard option. 

So if we had a new dashboard, we would just leave this as My Dashboard. Notice that we have a blank canvas now that we could continue to add new tiles. 

So, here on the left in the tile gallery, we are just going to grab a couple of tiles and we are just going to grab them, and just drop them in here.  We are going to grab a ”Clock” and let’s grab the ”Resource groups”. So this is our new dashboard. 

Now, If we hit “Done customizing”, we will have the second dashboard that’s available to us. If we want to switch back and forth between dashboards, notice here we have Dashboard New, and also My dashboard. So we can pick and choose between what view of information is important for us to see at that particular time.

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