Characteristics of Cloud Computing

There are basically 5 essential characteristics of Cloud Computing.

  1. On-demand self-services:
    The Cloud computing services does not require any human administrators, user themselves are able to provision, monitor and manage computing resources as needed.
  2. Broad network access:
    The Computing services are generally provided over standard networks and heterogeneous devices.
  3. Rapid elasticity:
    The Computing services should have IT resources that are able to scale out and in quickly and on as needed basis. Whenever the user require services it is provided to him and it is scale out as soon as its requirement gets over.
  4. Resource pooling:
    The IT resource (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) present are shared across multiple applications and occupant in an uncommitted manner. Multiple clients are provided service from a same physical resource.
  5. Measured service:
    The resource utilization is tracked for each application and occupant, it will provide both the user and the resource provider with an account of what has been used. This is done for various reasons like monitoring billing and effective use of resource.
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