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What is Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)?

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 25 Jun, 2022
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EC2 stands for Elastic Compute Cloud. EC2 is on-demand computing service on the AWS cloud platform. Under computing, it includes all the services a computing device can offer to you along with the flexibility of a virtual environment. It also allows the user to configure their instances as per their requirements i.e. allocate the RAM, ROM, and storage according to the need of the current task. Even the user can dismantle the virtual device once its task is completed and it is no more required. For providing, all these scalable resources AWS charges some bill amount at the end of every month, bill amount is entirely dependent on your usage. EC2 provides you to rent virtual computers. The provision of servers on AWS Cloud is one of the easiest way in EC2 . EC2 has resizable capacity. EC2 offers security, reliability, high-performance and cost-effective  infrastructure so as to meet the demanding business needs.

Features of Amazon EC2:

Functionality – EC2 provides its users a true virtual computing platform, where they can use various operations and even launch another EC2 instance from this virtually created environment. This will increase the security of the virtual devices. Not only creating but also EC2 allows us to customize our environment as per our requirements, at any point of time during the life span of the virtual machine. Amazon EC2 itself comes with a set of default AMI(Amazon Machine Image) options supporting various operating systems along with some pre-configured resources like RAM, ROM, storage, etc. Besides these AMI options, we can also create an AMI curated with the combination of default and user-defined configurations. And for future purposes, we can store this user-defined AMI, so that next time, the user won’t have to re-configure a new AMI from scratch. Rather than this whole process, the user can simply use the older reference while creating a new EC2 machine.

Operating Systems – Amazon EC2 includes a wide range of operating systems to choose from while selecting your AMI. Not only these selected options, but users are also even given the privileges to upload their own operating systems and opt for that while selecting AMI during launching an EC2 instance. Currently, AWS has the following most preferred set of operating systems available on the EC2 console.

  • Amazon Linux
  • Windows Server
  • Ubuntu Server
  • SUSE Linux
  • Red Hat Linux

Software – Amazon is single-handedly ruling the cloud computing market, because of the variety of options available on EC2 for its users. It allows its users to choose from various software present to run on their EC2 machines. This whole service is allocated to AWS Marketplace on the AWS platform. Numerous software like SAP, LAMP and Drupal, etc are available on AWS to use.

Scalability and Reliability – EC2 provides us the facility to scale up or scale down as per the needs. All dynamic scenarios can be easily tackled by EC2 with the help of this feature. And because of the flexibility of volumes and snapshots, it is highly reliable for its users. Due to the scalable nature of the machine, many organizations like Flipkart, Amazon rely on these days whenever humongous traffic occurs on their portals.

Now, let us look at the EC2 service on AWS Management Console.

First login into your AWS account. Once you are directed to the management console. From the left click on “Services” and from the listed options click on EC2.

Afterward, you will be redirected to the EC2 console. Here is the image attached to refer to various features in EC2.

This was all about introducing you about Amazon EC2 or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. If you wish to learn about creating an EC2 instance, follow the linked article. And if you are also another free tier account user make sure you delete all the instances or services you have used before logging out of from your AWS account.

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