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What is Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)?
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2020

What is EC2 ?

EC2  is a service belongs to compute domain of Amazon Web Services(AWS). It provide scalable and secure compute capacity to cloud so it provide ease to the developers. It is used to launch as many or few virtual servers according to the requirements.Moreover this web service allows various business to run application programs on Amazon web services .


1) Scaling:- Instances of Amazon web services can be scaled up and down.

2) EC2 can be integrated  with  other services such as S3 and Rational Database Services (RDS).

3) It enables Secure login information for your instances with the help of key pairs (AWS used to stores the public key, and you can store the private key in a secure place).

4)  It allows to create Virtual networks  that are logically isolated from the rest of the AWS cloud, and that you can used it as optionally  connect to your own network, known as virtual private clouds (VPCs)

5) It allows  Metadata (that you can create  tags and assign to your Amazon EC2 resources)

How it Works?:

To use  EC2, user first need to sign up for an account at Amazon’s AWS website. For this they can then use the AWS Management Console, the AWS Command Line Tools (CLI) to manage EC2.  

After that the user  then chooses EC2 from the AWS Services dashboard and click on  ‘launch instance’ in the EC2 console. At this point, the user need to  select either an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) template or create an AMI containing an operating system, application programs, and configuration settings. 

Developer can also  use an Amazon Elastic Block Store volume for the purpose of  durability and Amazon S3 for EC2 data backup.

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