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Microsoft Azure – Deploy Azure Functions using VS Code

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In this article, we will learn how to deploy Azure functions with Visual Studio Code.  To deploy an Azure function out from within Visual Studio Code, we are going to open the command palette. Now follow the below steps to deploy the Azure function:

Step 1: First, we are going to type “deploy function” in the command palette and select the option from the menu,  then we selected the folder that contains our Azure function app. 

Step 2: Next, we have to select our Azure subscription

Step 3: Next, it’s going to ask us to select the Azure function app that we want to deploy in the cloud. We wouldn’t say that we want to create a new function app but, we are going to give it a new name, “MySimpleFunctionApp2.” 

Step 4: Next, we can either select a resource group or create a new one. Here we are just going to select one that we have already created.

Step 5: Then we will select a pre-existing storage account. 

Now in the background, Visual Studio Code is going to go ahead and create that function app inside of Microsoft Azure for us. After that it’s going to go ahead and build our project and publish it out into the Azure Portal.  Then we will get a notification that our Azure function has been deployed successfully.

We would open our browser, open a new Window and we’ll go over to the Azure Portal. We are going to go to the resource group, and we should see mysimplefunctionapp2, that we just created. 

You can also deploy your Azure functions application using the Azure functions Visual Studio Code extension right from Visual Studio Code.

Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2023
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